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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Didn't get an email. Could someone message me the access code? Could really use a map and comms info.
  2. I live a little less than 2 hours south of Perry, GA. Weather down on the Florida/Georgia line has been wild lately. It's been ranging from low 80s to high 30s in a single days time. I'm not sure if it'll continue throughout this month, but something to take note of when we are all cast outside to shoot at each other all weekend. I'm packing to either sweat or freeze my balls off within a moments notice.
  3. Yeah man you good! Doesn't matter what you want to have as a load-out. Just as long as it complies to faction camo clothing rules and faction color based headgear. Go read AMS Rules and Regulations on the forum you are posting in. Your life's questions shall be answered there my friend.
  4. If you like booze, poontang, intellectual conversations, and winning then join PSA.
  5. I have a Brand New E&L AKS74U GEN2 that is sitting in my box dissassembled. I was rebuilding the internals and was going to make a real blaster of a gun, but I'm pre-occupied and have been for a while. So it's sitting on my desk and needs a new owner who would love to have a new quality AK for an incredibly cheap price. I'll pass it off for $200.00. This also includes a BTC mosfet system and a prometheus, and orga barrel. All is worth well over $500.00 Let's get this thing out of here. Unfortunately facebook doesn't allow us to sell things like this anymore. Interested in pictures? Pm me if truly interested and we can work it out.
  6. Do you like Leinie's beer, cheese, and da Packers?
  7. Whats up dudes! What ya'll like to do when it comes to damaging, tearing apart your body parts? What awaits for you at the gym? How do you like to prepare for OP's? And for those who unfortunately learned the hard way how important physical fitness is to your pew game, how much better did you smash your enemies after whipping your sorry ass into shape? Being able to move quick constantly with great focus wins battles. I understand we all enjoy investing our hard earned money on gear and guns, but what have we all invested in our physical fitness?
  8. This is a pretty funny and cool post dude! I'm gonna have to point some stuff out though, and offer some future interest in learning nutrition and to not confuse others of proper nutritional habits. -The process of hydrating your body occurs well before you plan on needing to be well hydrated. Your week, and your life in general, should consists of drinking proper amounts of fluids, and yes drinking some during the event itself with an electrolyte source, and adjusting due to extreme heat/cold helps. Don't slam down water like a washed out fish. It has no benefit. -A high protein intake will not benefit you as you run in circles for 2 days. Yes, you should be intaking the proper amount of protein your body needs on a daily basis, and increasing it measured to increased strenuous activity. You will be better off with a sugar (fruit) and a carb (oatmeal, whole grain, rice, quinoa, what have you, along with proper intake of fiber and importantly your vitamins. Increase your omega 3's (example: fish out) in order to supply your body with fats needed for protein synthesis and increase in energy and brain function.
  9. Waterproofing all your items in a dry sack before stuffing it into your pack is pretty dope too.
  10. This may be a pre-mature question but I figured I knock it out now. Will AMS be posting for DAM bad guy volunteers for this OP? Personally, I love causing a colossal amount of commotion against skumbags attempting to finish an objective. Being up till 4 in the morning shooting blanks at Ironclad II in my aloha shirt rocking a hollywood m16 was pretty damn fun, 100% honest. What say you?
  11. I can't wait for this. Less than 2 hours away from my abode. Rangefox I'm gonna get ahold of you here soon about the event. I'm going to run COST also!! OMFGTRALALLALAAL
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