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  1. *Hopefully the question above gets an answer Any idea when they will allow us to set up? We arrived last year at Thursday night (I think?) and there was no POC on the camp grounds to coordinate. We just occupied by force until we could find someone. A note from last year: Power - If ya'll are going to set up camp in the power area bring an adapter. The power points are set up for RV hookups. They did not turn on the power until late night Friday. Dust - Watch the main roads through the camp grounds. They kick up a lot of dust / sand. Which is usually right into the powered camp area.
  2. JP, Appreciate the reply back. Yeah we were Civilian Militia last year and were curious if that option was still viable or not. Nothing high speed, we were just trying to act like insurgents last year. Thanks for the information and we will see where we can end up at. Regards, M
  3. Hi ya'll, Coming back into this late due to a crazy work schedule this year. I see most of the teams are filled up already. What if we played on a team last year that we wanted to continue on? Would that be possible at this point or are we at sloppy seconds? Regards, M
  4. I think you could name it Operation: Pink Fluffy Bunny Slippers and people will go at this point.
  5. Soo.. how long till we can register for next year?
  6. Integration of an admin or MOD into the civilian side. Course of action for the civilians / insurgents after initial contacts. [*]Reduction of non game traffic on roads [*]Camp site coordination power / water not being on thursday? Possibly assign generalized locations for factions? [*]Vehicles requiring hit whip flags as well or everyone in the vehicle to hold up flags
  7. I was wondering about that big of confusion. Civ's were sided with the green and on airport def when you pulled up. We all went dry emptying on your advance.
  8. Saturday's action picture, of someone wiping out and then picking themselves back up, wins. Nice photo and props to him.
  9. Quick issue I noticed was admin vehicles / admins being used as cover for advancing forces. I noticed it while playing for both sides so it was not isolated. Situation: Admin vehicle would drive down the road heading to X location. It would kick up a cloud of dust and would provide cover for advancement of either side. In some cases, players would use the position of admin vehicles or admins themselves as cover as they advanced on the field. I know that on several occasions Sunday at Coleville we had to ask for admins to clear our sectors of fire.
  10. I really think the switching sides added to it. Both teams learned to deal with the humvee. Not to mentioned it allowed the civilians a lot a leeway.
  11. Had the same issue with kill trophies. Were civilians suppose to have theirs taken? I heard a rumour that an admin had ruled afterwards that we were not. I think several groups killed us specifically to get them. Green or Tan seemed like people focused on them a little too much.
  12. Seclusion 3D Camo. I am not a big hunter that I was almost 10 years ago. This camo was pretty damn effective...
  13. First time at this AO and OP. It was fantastic and was impressed at the scale and level of work put in by the staff. My hats off to them for being awesome. I was part of Civilian Militia. We chose real tree / mossy oak as our camo. (Sorry for the confusion with green army.) In doing so we took it upon ourselves to be as partisan as possible. Making this short: Saturday AM: "Get away from our town" Props to Tan. You guys rolled us in Caen. Law Enforcement booked it out. We had one team of PMC and one squad of COST vs a platoon of UFS + qrf. Held the first house on the south side as long as possible. I think we lasted 5 minutes after the game first started. Saturday afternoon: With our town lost we became dis-enfranchised civilians. Wandering the battlefield we took fire from both sides. Green finally wounded enough of us without providing proper care of our wounded civilians. Siding with UFS we plotted and executed an insurgency. Using a claymore device and threatening a police officer's family, we took out green commander with rigged suicide claymore attached to cop. Made it into coleville without being searched on the promise of intel for the commander. We then sided with UFS for the remained of the day due to prior incidents. Assaulted coleville on final push. Sunday: Amended with COST forces and attached ourselves for the defense of coleville. Utilized mixed squads to provide support on defensive operations. Found huey to be like home. Give my props to the Law Enforcement Group, they did a great job at being corrupt cops. Hats off to green forces in Coleville on Saturday. You took blowing up your commander rather well as most of us received several hundred bbs to various body parts. Tan CO did great at motivating his forces to assault Coleville on Saturday. That was a great push into the city. Green did a fantastic job retaking Coleville on Sunday. It was damn fun... and great time being a civilian. Hopefully they will let us work it next year. Integration of more IEDs would be great.
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