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  2. ID as in my driver's license is enough? Or some other form of government ID? Need some clarity.
  3. Good ol' "cousin" Leeroy, always getting in to trouble and usually getting his buddies fragged!
  4. Hey there, the name is Jenkins. OBH was my first airsoft event and that was awesome! Not my first experience with the DDAP though, I help lead the Drifters paintball team and we have been coming to the DDay event since 2007. Predator and Ghost of RTT have been inviting us to check it out for the last 2 years. So a few of us decided to gear up and jump in feet first. I think we all loved it and OBH and other Ops are definitely in our future. BTW, the most "good games" after an event ever, so for those I didn't say this to: Good Game!
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