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  1. message the facebook profile in my signature at the end of the message. we make weighted training plates in any size. we can also make light ones if you're just looking for something to fill your plate bags and make sure your gear fits as designed to. we make them square or swimmers cut, flat or curved whatever you want.
  2. OES77

    24HR OP

    i agree with everything said above but 2hr respawns are excessive. Longer respawns may be good idea but i'd be itching to get back in after 30mins max, 2 hours is a lifetime. Also the argument can be made that the player pays to play.
  3. OES77

    24HR OP

    Well I don't think you should be able to go to your car/campsite for a break and then comeback on the AO. It's a liability for admins & staff. 24hr continuous OPs have a higher risk of injury for staff needs to be focused on the guys on the AO not if jimmy is uncomfortable and needs a nap and wants to come back outside and play after. Having a rule that if you get off the AO you're done will make it easier on the AMS staff and attract a different group of players. In my opinion it is make or break for an OP of this kind. If you make it ok for players to take breaks when they want to the game on the AO is gonna fall to shit real quick. The game will fail and the people left on the AO who came ready for a 24hr continuous OP aren't gonna get what they signed up for and that isn't fair to them. Like I said at the end of the day this is a business and it would be a stupid business decision for AMS to convert all their OPs to continuous style OPs because the majority of their current audience isn't of the sort. But I do feel like if we look at it even from solely a business perspective having both options would 1; increase their audience, and 2; add lore and brand loyalty to the AMS brand. But i'm not a business major so take that for what it's worth haha.
  4. OES77

    24HR OP

    AMS what would be the probability of making some current AMS OPs into the 24HR OP? Is Faded Giant 4 a possibility for your first 24HR continuous OP? I know at the end of the day Milsim is just another business and the majority of airsofters are not about the 24+HR life but the growing popularity of these kinds of OPs seems to be the new trend. Any plans to mix things up this year ? Is AMS about that life ?
  5. At faded I heard Bo talk about lodging at copperhead (if i remember correctly). He said a team can rent out some cabins with electricity on first come first serve basis. Where can I get more info on it or did that fall through ?
  6. share your builds below: heres one of my recent builds;
  7. why would you want people shooting bbs at that ? just curious...
  8. they cleared us at fg3 for the banger with bbs in it. not sure about the launcher
  9. if you want gen1s i have two pairs of GH15s which are top of the line gen1+ they have an auto shut off if its too bright and they come with Butler creek lens caps, Wilcox dovetail pvs15 adapter and lenax lens shields. one pair was used one the other was used twice. $400 shipped each firm. they retail for $600 each. if youre looking to give gen1s a shot best to buy them used.
  10. OES77


    AMS staff are there any more northeastern AOs/OPs in the pipeline? Do you take AO recommendations ?
  11. more OPs/AOs closer for us northeast guys! we want to throw our money at you but that 13hr drive to FG3 sucked. I was up for 30+ hours straight both Friday and Sunday. Still fucking worth it but would like to be able to go to more OPs.
  12. UFS DID WORK ! - how close were they to beating us ? they said it was close after the op but i call bs, i think we rolled them. anybody know numbers ?
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