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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Oh man!! I'm ready! Now I just have to finalize my loadout. With the playable sewers, things are going to be interesting. =D
  2. *foot tapping* *thumb twiddling* *eye twitching*
  3. The ARA is working on putting a squad together for this. Looks pretty awesome.
  4. Here are a few of the pics I managed to snap. I have to say, though, I was so busy shooting and moving most of the time that it was hard to stop and snap some photos. http://s311.photobucket.com/albums/kk460/CRBondur/OP%20Broken%20Home/?albumview=slideshow
  5. This was indeed a well run Operation. I can't say enough about the guys at American Milsim. They worked their a$$ess off to make this event happen. It is probably one of the best operations I've been to in a long time. Thank you guys for your hard work. Saturday was a long day, but did start a little slowly. Our platoon was stationed in Coleville and it was pretty quiet most of the morning. At least 3-1 Bravo (half our squad) got a little action before lunch. The 3rd platoon platoon leader, Covington (sp?) was awesome, though. He did an incredible job for someone who never played airsoft before. He turned us loose in the afternoon to run and gun on the east side of Coleville in the trenches. Our squad of 10 had two guys get "recognition" patches on the first day of action. Sunday was short and sweet. With several squads falling out the second day and heading home, the admins decided to shrink the size of the AO, and rightly so. They wanted everyone to get some trigger time. And boy howdy, did we!! Our squad again worked on the east side of Colleville and through the trenches. We really made a name for ourselves, with 2 more team members earning recognition patches. This really was a good op. The squads worked very well together, we had a terrific Platoon leader and everyone got plenty of trigger time. Over the two days of the operation, I managed to shoot through about 7000 bbs. Amazing!!! The only thing I was a little disappointed about was the op ending a bit early each day. It seems that they had folks dropping out towards the end of the day each day. Makes me even happier that the Fighting 3-1 is in shape!! Again, thank you American Milsim for putting together one of the best ops I've been to in a long time!
  6. It will be interesting to see when a re-spawn is in contention. I've seen things go wrong when this was tried before.Definitely need to have an admin keep an eye on this. Of course, as players we need to police our own guys as well. I do like the rule that, if it's in contention, it can't be used as a respawn point. This should help make things a bit easier for the attacking team, since no one can jump right out of respawn and start shooting.
  7. These are great. Thanks for making things so easy.
  8. Yeah, Top is all about motivating... as loudly as possible!!
  9. I can almost feel the ground under my boots, the calls of my enemies as I shoot. "Hit! Hit!"
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