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  2. Did you get rid of your UFS slot?
  3. I'll be your guardian. There are some medical steps that need to be covered so PM me so we can square them away.
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  5. Alright, I was the Squad Leader for UFS 2-3B with ATROX 1-1 and Grey Team. I will only capture a few points taken from day 1 as I was required to leave early on day 2 in order to catch my flight home. Mission Intent: Utilize UFS 1st platoon to seize and block Control Points A, B, C while having 2nd Platoon leap frog further through the AO establishing UFS real-estate. Continue on mission objectives per FRAGO. What did happen: UFS met heavy CoST resistance at all points but was initially able to seize and secure Control Points A, B, C. Around the time DAMs began, both forces began to see a substantial rubber-band-effect occur from point to point. Before nightfall, UFS had made 5 out of 6 data uploads and captured several intel envelopes. By the end of Day 1, UFS had established uplink to all 6 data points. Improvement: 1. Force structure - Looking into the fishbowl, I immediately noticed that the UFS organization resembled that of a company with 2 platoons and 3 squads per. However, we were broken down further in having two companies and 1 platoon in each with 6 squads. Once the mission began, it didn't matter who you belonged too. 2. Communication - although this was left to the individual to provide communication, perhaps a mass order of AMS radios hand receipted to leaders could solve the issues. 3. STAY with the team you were assigned for purposes of the event - because so many players knew each other and wanted to OPERATE together, the initial plan immediately went out the window. Example, ATROX 1-1 and I found ourselves alone in building 4 while the rest of 2-3B immediately attached to another element. Needless to say, we met CoST and were quickly overran. Sustainment: 1. AMS MOD and Support Staff - the event was top notch due to the hard work and efforts put forth by the AMS Crew. 2. AO - The GTI is definitely a location that has to be maintained as there were more than enough areas that allowed the use of full spectrum operations. 3. Venders - necessity for events like this where equipment breaks and batteries die. This is also a great way for fans to meet sponsors as well as ask tech questions without waiting hours. 4. Growing MILSIM community - everybody who participated in this event has a contribution to the success of the implied objective of having fun. Not only did I have a blast, but I met more legit players and people than I can count. At the end of the event, I counted a kill to death score that you can't get sitting behind a plastic controller and TV. Not only did I get worked, but I did some as well. Don't be afraid to call your hits nor should you be afraid to give your weapon to the opposition...1 BB at a time.
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