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  1. Blue


    I didn't see any vendors list. What vendors will be there? I was hoping to be able to order and then pick items up at the game.
  2. Blue


    Is there barracks we are able to use, or is our only lodging options on site the $800 house rental?
  3. I see that a couple question have been asked for flecktarn, but hasn't really been answered. For the E-10 faction you primarily want them to be on the tan side? Is that why there isn't any green style camo for the E-10 faction?
  4. I have a couple issues with these new rules. First is the ammo resupply. Going by the numbers on the low side its about 63 bags of ammo per side for one resupply. Who will be responsible for distributing the ammo? Who will be making sure the correct ammo is being taken? Who will be in communication with 300 people for resupply?Will the ammo be in one big box where people can just grab it willy nilly? What if ammo gets misplaced? What if i cant reach resupply to find out where I can get my ammo? Communication breaks down whether it be terrain or electronics. I have first hand seen Communications with command break within the first 15 min of game play. This is only for the first resupply. It would turn into a cluster. The 7 mag rule would give an advantage to the people who are able to use magazines with a capacity over 120, mostly m4s and aks. I have seen mids for m4s that go as high as 190, and a few ak mags that go as high as 180. Versus say a mp5 midcap with a total round of 120 rounds, and im not even sure how well these would work. That is pretty unfair. Cool more Vehicle rules, but how do the people in the rear in a noisy vehicle know their vehicle just got hit by its first rocket? Or their second? After I have hit a vehicle I have been blasted in the face with the their turret gun because they did not know that they were hit. Vise versa I have been in a vehicle that has been hit and kept shooting, because I didn't know it was hit. I would like to see Rule changes addressing this instead of worrying about how we will be carrying our ammo.
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