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  1. Thanks Alex.... This was my first Milsim/AMS event an I had a Blast (UFS 4 Life), an staying after to help with the clean up showed me how much work goes into getting these events together, an what needs to be done to allow us to continue our sport at these awsome palces.. So Thank you To all AMS staff an personel... Any event I participate in the future you guys ca count on me to help with the clean-up
  2. Hey JP This is Ghost from the UFS alpha sqaud 1-1.. I Just want to start of by sayi I had a hell of a time @FG3, it was not only my first Amercan Milsim event, but my first Milsim event period.. An it was an eye opening experience, Thank you an the rest of the AMS staff for a wonderful experience an I look forward to future event with AMS. So I was Wondering for those of us that didnt get our Patch for doing the Dam Mission since there werent enough what do we do about it? Also personal side note UFS 4 Life!!
  3. I support Single Moms as well Big Candy!!! 1,000,000%
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  5. Good to know.... Thanks The Rick. An Alex
  6. Hey Alex, do you have to be there on Thursday to secure a camping spot?
  7. But on the real under armor, long johns, thick sock!!! You will be okay
  8. I'm loving the hot tub idea!!!!
  9. I'll be more than happy to lend a hand......
  10. So are there any Milsim or Airsoft teams heading to FG3 from the DMV area??
  11. I might have to do the same with my black fast team helmet
  12. Hey trini what's you nickname an what squad you in
  13. Hey Alex you guys still need more help after the op
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