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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.

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    Apologies if this venue has already been scouted, but we're about to hit up Third Coast's event at the now-defunct Wellman Plastics plant in Darlington, SC; 150 acres of industrial facilities surrounded by 600 acres of woods. This AO is just over 2 hours east of the GTI facility and aside from MilSim West's event earlier this year and the upcoming TCA event has not been tapped into. Worth checking out!
  2. You answered your own first question; your helmet can be MultiCam as well, as that matches faction camo. As for your second inquiry, that can be found with just the smallest amount of searching through past posts. AMS is typically very consistent in their time tables as far as beginning and end of the event. The in-between may vary. http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3430-op-copperhead-event-schedule/
  3. Hey Specs! I've got a set of MSA Sordins I never use anymore; my squad almost always designates a single main comm guy and I found my Secret Service style earbud more pleasing. If you'd like, I'll cut you a baller deal on them, AND I even have the bridge adapter piece thing too. Let me know if you're interested! *sidenote: they're set up for a lefty shooter, so the boom mic is on the right. Judging by your picture, you're a righty, but maybe you can make it work? Just an offer!
  4. So when you comment that each faction will have a staff dedicated to supplies, this means there will be AMS cadre tasked with being the runners for these boxes, or players may have a new option in the 'Support Staff' category? Either way, sounds like an awesome mechanic, and I hope the trial run proves successful!
  5. Sorry I'm late to the party! Very accurate and well put Rooster. The best way to think about it is, oddly enough, as if this were to suddenly happen for real tomorrow. The UFS (government-run forces) would operate the same way they do now (i.e., your everyday life but with fewer field days and more field ops) while the civilian forces tired of government overreach (CDF) and retired military/LEO and defecting active military/LEO forces (CoST) would adopt a guerrila warfare style of operations; small surgical strikes, individual squad operations, etc. Also accurate is the government forces being annoying twits that are dumb and Coalition forces being awesome and cool and mostly attractive. Semper Fi bud and welcome to the good guys. #COSTPRIDE #sempergumby #justdontbringanycharms
  6. Two young faces, heavily concealed by pine growth and thick Georgia scrub, stared intently across the open ground between them and something they wouldn't fully understand for several more years, but would affect their lives immediately. "Dad says the guys in green are the good guys, because the guys in brown are doing bad things," one whispered. "My mom told my aunt that she hopes the tan guys win because the ones in green are terraces, or something," replied the other. "Your mom is crazy, my dad is right. The green guys are good!" "I don't even care, shut up! Look! There's smoke pouring out of that alley!" ------------------------- Half a kilometer away, UFS and CoST forces clashed in a vicious and bloody confrontation. CoST forces in the area were a mix of new recruits, fully trained soldiers, and hardened veterans of this second civil war; while not all had been tested by battle yet, they had all felt this front would eventually come under attack. UFS sought to establish another foothold to allow them access to better seaports and a strategic attack angle against CoST fortifications in Texas and Mississippi. Securing this large complex on the western edge of Georgia would allow them to establish a large base camp and stage further operations against Coalition units in the area; however, when CoST intelligence units relayed intercepted messages about an impending attack, Coalition command mustered some of its finest combat-ready units to repel this latest incursion. Intel was, as usual, spot-on: UFS had brought a large divison of troops, all of whom appeared eager to violently quell what they saw as an unwarranted rebellion. However, Coalition forces in the area fully grasped the exceptional importance of this conflict, and had already set their minds accordingly. Either this front would be held and kept from UFS control, or the Federalist bastards would have to spend atleast a week cleaning up blood, empty shells, and bodies. As forces amassed on the outskirts of the complex, squads of Coalition troops focused on the war cries of one of their grizzled leaders. Affectionately known as Yuk, his skills had proven highly effective in several recent conflicts, and his leadership commanded respect; as his rallying shouts echoed through the streets, the proverbial line was crossed, and the battle began. ------------------------- While the UFS-controlled media outlets will likely not report on the outcome, the fact that Coalition forces still hold the line is all that is needed to tell the story. Undoubtedly, UFS command will not take this lightly, and will regroup for another assault on the Coalition stronghold, and Coalition forces will again fight to the death to prevent their success. However, as the small white crosses begin to reach unprecedented numbers, and family farms destroyed by the war are converted to makeshift cemeteries, the outcry of the rest of the country grows louder, asking for an end to the violence. But who will lower their gun first?
  7. As usual, a fantastic event hosted by awesome people at a kick-ass location! My guys had an absolute blast and can't wait for the return to the AO (provided Guardian didn't go into conniptions Monday morning.) CONS There was the usual hit-calling issue but not on such a scale that I saw any tempers igniting FAST helmets. Only noticed a couple of these accidents during the game, but while working with Support Staff to clean up I counted NINE smoke grenades indoors in places that they wouldn't have just rolled into. Come on now...only a few motivators brought their gas masks, the rest of us enjoy the clean Georgia air without any color added. There were also some questionable grenade placements, i.e. knowing there's a closet-sized room around the corner and dropping in three TLSFX sticks anyway. At Operation: Wounded Eagle years ago I saw one of those blow out a guys eardrum and knock him out because it detonated touching his ear -- a bit excessive maybe, so next year let's try to tone that down. Finally, another thing I noticed during Support Staff work, please for the love of all things simulation stop using your tactical feng shui to rearrange these rooms. Some of these rooms had no less than 30 pieces of furniture, and all of them were flipped, angled, rotated, stacked, or otherwise set up for maximum cover, and while I get the desire to do this...don't. We spent thirty minutes JUST resetting one room of one building because of the insane way it had been utilized. If we do get to go back, please make sure people aren't building a Fallout-style fighting position, because there are other players that have to undo everything. PROS A big shout-out to all the guys on both sides that truly hammed it up on the deaths! Nothing feels more rewarding than watching a line of guys trying to rush a building all drop and start screaming about childhood memories that are slowly fading or their multiple girlfriends they hadn't gotten around to writing goodbye letters to Those of you who went all lame-ass in this regard and just stood there...shame on you. That's not what action movies are made of. There was one point where myself and buddy had been shot in one room and the guys who killed us were then fragged in the next room. They shot the shit with us and went back and forth about whether they killed us or we surrendered right before they pulled the trigger, in true good sportsmanship fashion, and then they said good game and good luck when they got revived and bugged out. A lot of awesome attitudes this game that I noticed were distinctly lacking in our Faded Giant experiences. UFS, you had some killer tactics several times that had us locked in a stalemate in your favor, and props to you on that. Fellow CoST fighters, among other magnificent feats, you were able to outmaneuver the wily enemy and even drop down into pit where their FOB was, which was awesome to watch. Favorite AMS event so far and it's on the top 3 list of favorite events in my 12 years of playing. Huge thank you of course to AMS staff for always being professional and on point (even you Opie) and a battalion sized fist bump to one of the best groups of players on both teams I've seen in a long time. Counting down till the next one!
  8. My chest rig is adorned with spatters of mine own life force, drained from my jawline by a worthy opponent 120 yards and four stories down at Faded Giant III. AND VERILY DO I BOAST OF THIS AND PARADE MY SURVIVAL BEFORE MINE ENEMIES, FOR I AM NOT SO EASILY WRESTED FROM THE FIELDS OF BATTLE.
  9. Well who can resist the temptation to listen to a whole day of that seductive charm?
  10. Just once. It's hosted every hour so people have a better chance of getting into one on varying schedules. But if you want to listen to Alex yammer for hours, he won't kick you out
  11. Just requested to join; once that's approved, I'll drag in my teammates and you'll have about 10 additions from the Central Florida community in support of the Coalition!
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  14. I doubt they'll be buddy-buddy with anyone right off the bat. If they wanted to be friends with the UFS, they'd have stayed part of the Union. The mention that they're eager to open talks with all parties sounds more like they're trying to figure out who to align themselves with, if anyone. About damn time California had some balls.
  15. Etsy is home to a jillion artists, creators, tinkerers, etc., and though they take a bit of a cut it's still the best available option for that realm. Doesn't have to be hand-drawn art either. If you build stuff, people will buy it.
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