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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Sorry I came across as snappy. I am not AMS staff rather just a player like yourself who was placed in a position of command. With that command comes the responsibility of overseeing 130-140 individuals as well as coordinating with multiple AMS staff, often simultaneously dealing with 5 or 6 radio channels. Things get very crazy at times and the game was about to start. You unfortunately caught me at a time when my plate was full and I was a bit stressed. Sorry for the curt reply it wasn't meant as a brush off or "elitist" attitude, there was simply a lot going going on and I'm only human after all. I hope you will not let this situation taint your opinion of me and AMS.
  2. The first couple roster scrubs and updates have been worked on within PSA leadership. Also, the OPORD has been sent to PSA leadership as well. If you have any questions, please relay them through your chain of command.
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  4. Updated roster has been emailed to leadership. Leadership has been advised to contact all PSA members by email. So check your SPAM folders daily!!! If no one has contacted you by 12 August 2016, then send me a private message here on the forums. If you do not reply to your leadership by email, you will NOT get an OPORD; you will NOT get a comms matrix; you will NOT get a map; you will NOT get anything. Basically, if you want to stay informed, it's a 2-way street. I don't have time to chase you down or brief you on the plan after you arrive on site and check in with AMS. You have to give a little to get a little. See you in the high ground!
  5. I will disseminate the OPORD and roster assignments within the next 48 hours via email.
  6. A new regime rises out of the ranks of the Coalition to establish dominance through fear on the Western front known as the Pacific State Alliance (PSA). The members of the PSA wear uniforms with the brighter green hues (Multicam Tropic, Penncott, CADPAT) to show its love for the Pacific. PSA is made up of supporters throughout the Pacific Time Zone (land and sea) that believe that the methodology of CoST's actions against the United Federal States is too slow and lacks aggression to effectively change the political climate and military dictatorship. So PSA will employ extreme acts to establish its dominance on key terrain along the PST/MST border starting with Playas, NM. My heart was forged in the Pacific and I have finally returned to my family on the coastline. I once believed that the Federal States were noble in their intentions, but have learned first hand by serving among their higher ranks that their means will only result in the same political atmosphere that we hate in the Pacific. So I have formed this monster known as the Pacific State Alliance in order to crush the Federal States and move toward a new horizon. So I ask you: will you serve under the Kaiju... WILL YOU SERVE THE PACIFIC!
  7. UFS OPORD, Rosters, and map fro RDG XIV have been emailed to leadership. Be sure to check your SPAM folders to ensure you do not miss any updates.
  8. ^THIS^ Do NOT rely on this roster for anything other than you know you are on UFS. Your chain of command will be emailing you soon, so check your SPAM folders religiously or you will miss out on important information. - KAIJU OUT!
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