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  1. Yes I understand that they are trying to call it a carbine and they also call it a sniper , but a 22 is a hunting rifle also , and there was another forum question on dmrs that was for a M4 carbine but what they did was say the outer was going to be extended to something close as an m16 or longer and it was said it was allowed in the other post so long as its barrel was longer , well the way I see it an m4 wasn't meant to be used as a hunting rifle while a .22 was but that could be different from what American milsim thinks so that's why I'm here lol
  2. I was wondering if the kjw kc02 can be allowed in that category as its real world version is of the family of .22 rifles they were made to be precision weapons at low cost that is just about as far as my knowledge of them are besides that there are alot of tournaments for them to see who can be the most accurate and stuff, as for the one I have in question has an internal barrel that is 380mm it is gas blow back and I have a link for pretty much all its details , http://www.evike.com/products/36959/ one thing with it is that the inner barrel will be changed to a 430mm one of vsr 10 length and a suppressor or another type of outer barrel that covers it without the need for a suppressor to cover it , just ask for more info if needed Thank you for the assistance in this matter Blank
  3. To be more specific for those that may be confused or just misreading what I wrote I wasn't saying that the real steal had to be loaded with a stripper clip though it can and has been done though since the real steel is old and not much used there is not a whole lot of people selling these loaders but back to the airsoft version , the airsoft version MUST be loaded using its tube speed loader (note it being a stripper clip vs. a tube loader I do not know what others would call it so I apologies if I said it was the wrong type of loader) ASWAYZEI was not looking nor intending to bend or break rules there fore I asked about it as milsim is supposed to simulate real life that the army does not normally reload their mags on the field so the rule regarding that is valid but when the lever action was in use it was loaded on the fly because it did not use spare mags So knowing that wouldn't most people think it would be ok to load iuns with internal mags on the field just like the military did but instead of me assuming, I at least want to know what American Milsim think about this if your wondering when it was used the United States used it during the American Civil War This is just one of a few website that sell the real steel loaders http://luckysloader.com/riffle/ and here are other pics or the real steel speed loader
  4. The M1892 Lever Action Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle by A&K is the gun http://www.evike.com/products/37515/ That has a lot of info on it but basically when I said internal and stripper clip I meant guns that have "internal reservoirs" and use a "stripper like speedloader" this gun holds 25 or so rounds This gun can only be loaded by the tube speedloader that comes with it If at all possible would 1 of the following or other be allowed (thought of these maybe it will help?) Being able to carry a low(pistol type) or high(m4 style) cap speedloader to use as an external mag to fill required speedloader Being able to carry few small cylinders filled with bbs to load the required speedloader Being able to load bbs 1 at a time or something else or not allowed Thank you for taking your time to read this and helping me out
  5. As many people know in the real steel world of guns there are a few guns that must be loaded with a stripper clip even fewer that must be loaded per shell after saying that I know the rule says that u can not load on the field, but does that stand for guns that use an internal Mag and is loaded with a stripper clip just like the real steel version of that gun? If you need more info on my question please ask.
  6. i understand there are fps limits for aegs a other gun types but not any specifically for pistols so does that mean to use the the rifle man, dmr(for semi auto only pistols) and bolt action(for single action pistols) roles as the limits and engagement distances? thank you
  7. I would like to know what I am allowed to do to hold more ammo for my A&k m1892 lever action it does not have mags as it uses an internal mag of 25bbs, the only way to load it is with a special 25 tube loader that only comes with the gun, if i have to can i substitute mags with multiple normal tubes or just 1 big speed loader like the pistol or m4 style loader or something else. P.S. I know this isn't really a milsim gun but it is what i have.
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