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  1. My AAR. LuckyGirl. Delta Milsim Group, Squad 3, in Platoon 3. CoST. This was my first AMS event. We drove 16 hours from Wisconsin in a smelly van filled with gear and man funk. We arrived at the AO and was greeted by the staff. I was blown away! The smiling faces and the overly nice staff was amazing! I have never encountered such awesome staff and players before in my life! We checked in, chrono'd our guns, and retired back to our hotel. After experiencing that I knew that this was going to be the best event I have ever been to. I have been to tons of events, and have never felt so welcomed before in my life! Saturday: We arrived at the AO for the morning briefing and lineup. AMS did a great job in explaining the rules. Tan was sent off to their start point. usually at this time we get a speech from our commander and get our orders. Nope. We were sent off with no clue. Even our platoon leader was in the dark. We eventually got an order to hold JJ from someone. I still have no idea who. We sat in JJ and held it all day. We fought off the handful of attackers and watched the other side of the field, having all the fun. We were calling out movements of the enemy over the radio, no one even acknowledged. Our main radio channel consisted of random people yelling, "He's over there!" and "We're pinned down!". Proper radio etiquette would have helped out alot. I ended up turning off my radio for the rest of the event. Halfway through day one I took a tumble down a flight of stairs. I messed up my ankle and had to call for staff assistance. I was super impressed again! The staff arrived so fast! Everyone stopped shooting right away! Again it was very impressive. I got carted back to the camping area and hung out for an hour before I got bored. I tightened my boot and hobbled back out to play. We held JJ for the rest of the day until phase 1 ended. I chose not to play the night game due to my hurt kankle. But the rest of my crew had a blast! Sunday: We arrived at the AO. My team still had no orders and I still have not seen our commander. I could barely walk so I sat out for the first part of the day. My team was in charge of holding the mosque. I got bored, Duck taped my kankle, and hobbled out to the mosque. Again we were holding and watching the other side of the field having fun. Why did we get crapped on again? It seemed like we were deemed not worthy or something. What ever. We held that mosque! It got to a point where Tan had us surrounded. We were getting waves of enemy's trying to breach the doors. It was exciting! We stood our ground and held that Mother Effer! We held the mosque that whole day, until the game ended. It was awesome! To sum it up; Bad: The leadership was crap, and the orders were unclear. Good: Awesome and friendly staff! Players called their hits! Players were super friendly and awesome! AO was amazing! I had a great time and I plan on attending way more AMS events! I had a blast!! It was amazing, except for the fractured foot. Thank you to all the players and staff! You have renewed my itch to sling BB's again! MILSIM! lol
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