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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Thanks for the post Zip. Wanted to commend UFS, jdelps18, and tons of UFS for the display of amazing sportsmanship and really great attitudes. Sat standing on M for 2 hours in the killer sun was made up for by the firefights Sunday! Honestly I tend to find myself being critical of command often at ops, "we shoulda pulled troops and hit back hard". Thats why I'm probably best not being in command! At the end of the day AMS did a great job of setting up an OP where command, the teams, and players were left to execute plans and make fun. Other then getting shot in the forehead from 15ft I had a blast!
  2. Thanks Bo, reserved our room! Great rate thanks to AMS!
  3. As a small child Zippo was routinely fed lead based paint chips and psychadelics. This explains his complete disassociation with reality and psychotic tendencies. Jk LOL
  4. Lowgun and Madmax are up for a room fri and sat. Room with 2 queen beds.
  5. Doc that would be effective from an admin standpoint. But, Doc, are you really advocating an airsofter carrying a paintball gun? I shudder at the thought! Lol
  6. E. 40mm foam slugs have a lethal kill radius of 15 feet from initial impact In the rules it is not specific on the effect of the 40mm projectile on vehicles.
  7. Would foam balls (the same material as foam rockets) fired from an M203 take out a vehicle?
  8. Glad you made it here. We look forward to rockin at ORY!
  9. Disappointing to learn that a good law is unconstitutional. Burning the stars and stripes is also protected under free speech. I don't want any of my freedoms taken away, however, sometimes one must shake their head at what falls under the umbrella of free speech.
  10. I think any organization, whether military, or business is a reflection of the leadership. As far as a good time, that was beyond amazing! As well run an OP as you will ever encounter. The staff of AMS should be proud that they provided some 600 people with memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. How many people get to provide people with memories like that. My boy and I will talk of, and remember this forever. You guys at AMS did this for us. My boy at 13, and I, had the opportunity to go away for the weekend with 14 other guys on our team in a positive non drinking environment. Things like this are lessons and memories of teamwork, and comaraderie that are the building blocks to form him into a young man
  11. Thanks for the reply. No hard feelings, and not that big a deal really. It was left up to the interpretation of the individual, and in my mind I saw it one way. No right or wrong here I guess. Just wanted to bounce it off someone. I do appreciate another perspective
  12. A quick question concerning the trophy bracelets. As I understood it, if I personally shot someone and was able to retrieve the bracelet from the individual, I had a legitimate Trophy Kill. The reason I ask, there were members of our team that were KIA, and had the bracelets removed by dead tan soldiers who had not personally shot our guys. To me this is an example of poor sportsmanship, and defeats the purpose of the Trophy Kill accomplishment. Could I ask for some clarification as to the legitimacy of these actions.
  13. I also use the Fogtech, amazing stuff, best on the market.
  14. Looked for the server last night couldn't find it! I'll try again tonight.......
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