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  1. Lost: Tan 120 pmag with ranger plates on the bottom and blue paint marker on the side.
  2. Hey guys I'm trying to find a guy that I let borrow a pair of gloves and a battery. He was from key West Florida I can't remember his name and he was running on COST. I also lost some tan 120 Pmags should have some numbers written on then in blue paint pin.
  3. How much are you looking to get for the ticket man?
  4. How much are you looking to get for the ticket man?
  5. I am also looking to buy a ticket for IRON HORSE . I know there are also people looking to buy tickets and hopefully yall go to them first. Thank you for looking
  6. do you have pics? i have a beta project ak with 6 beta mags interested in a trade?
  7. iv got it man my friend gave it to me and i could never find you to give it back to yah if you message me ill be glad to send it back to you
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