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  1. Thanks, I saw that post. I was just seeing if there was an update since then. Thanks again.
  2. "The registration cutoff date for players to register and receive the player pack (Event T-Shirt, Event Patches, Coupons, EF BB Thunder Bs, etc.,..) will be May 6th. If you register after that date you will NOT BE guaranteed a player’s pack at check-in. Registration CLOSES May 20th." Is there any chance that the last 50 to sign up will get a players pack?
  3. We are not the same group.
  4. There are about 15 of us from Center Mass Airsoft that I do not see yet. I ended up taking the last UFS ticket.
  5. JP quote - "When you arrive on the DDAP your first order of business should be to drive under the large D-DAY arch and pick your camping spot." I thought that I heard on one of the video's that the camping was going to be broken up between the two sides. It that still the case or do we just camp anywhere in the area?
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question. But is Multicam a special uniform for the UFS or general army color?
  7. The OD M4 mag was lost around the stage area on Saturday morning before we started. I think that it was turned in to an admin.
  8. My son Zyyth lost an Olive Drab M4 midcap with his call sign engraved on the bottom. He also lost his cheek rest for an L85. It is also Olive Drab in color. He last had it towards the end of the daytime battle on Saturday. Thanks, Strider - CMA
  9. I finally figured out what I am doing on the wiring. I talked to a Evike tech and he recommends King Arms or APS wiring harnesses. The APS is $16, the King Arms is $28, the G&P is $18 and the Systema is $45. So many choices, so little feedback about them. Has anyone had any experience with either of these or recommend a different brand?
  10. Any suggestions on the best place to look?
  11. Thanks for the info. I tried that and it did not work. Where can I find just the trigger mechanism? I searched evike and Redwolf and could not find any.
  12. I have a G & G GR-16 that I have had for about a year. It is currently dead. Whenever I pull the trigger nothing happens. It does not have a fuse in it. I connected the motor directly to the battery for a second and the motor works. I took the gearbox apart and there is not a visible wiring issue. So I assume that it is the trigger mechanism. Is there a way to verify this? Is there a way to replace that part or do I have to replace the entire gearbox? I also need to know the best place and brand to buy said parts. Sorry for all of the questions but I am new to fixing AEG's so any help would be very much appreciated. I need to get this fixed quick!
  13. This is Strider from Center Mass Airsoft in Kansas City. I have been in airsoft for over 4 years thanks to my son. He is now off to college and I am still playing. I am looking forward to Broken Home. My weapon of choice is a G&G GR16 with a KJM 1911 as my side arm. See you on the field!
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