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  1. I really would like an answer please. Thank you
  2. I have a question about the minor application and medical form. What do you all want on the blank line after. I grant my authorization and consent for ___________ (hereafter "supervising adult") to administer general first aid treatment for minor injuries or illnesses experienced by the minor. Also I'm going to be on the field with him at all times. Do I still need these forms? He is 14 but has been playing along side me for 3 years. Do we bring all theses forms to the field or send them in first or just some of them. Thanks for your patience.
  3. Where can I find the AMS waivers for faded giant?
  4. Question on EOD role what equipment and gear do they have to wear or carry?
  5. Just wondering I run Oakley ballistic si m-frames with helo full seal kit are these allowed at ams events ?
  6. Admin can you please move is a members ninja and kyflinklock from squad 1-4 to squad 1-2 with the rest of isa. Thank you sir.
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