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  1. Not able to load the comms matrix onto my radio programmer.
  2. If this is a new SCAR-L I recommend to either break in the spring or you open up the gearbox and swap the spring, that would prolly be the last thing I'd wanna recommend due to a VFC SCAR being a total pain to open.
  3. To my understanding they did say they will forward the money to the next event I think
  4. Big advisory coming from News9, Thursday and Friday will be a 100% and 80% storm for most of the Oklahoma State Link: http://www.news9.com/category/116601/video-page?autostart=true&clipId=9591340 Drive safe boys
  5. I ordered the Ferro Concepts Plate Carrier a few days ago, should be coming down either today or this Sat, review to follow per the week of.
  6. JP, Iran Squad 1-2 and 1-4 have the same frequency number
  7. That was a beautiful story.
  8. I'm a tech, so I have a lifetime warranty because I fix my own stuff XD
  9. There's already a Ten commandments of Airsoft, but I'm gonna make a parody of it soon
  10. Let's get some awareness on this please. Don't ignore this, it is real and we should help our guys coming back from overseas
  11. Although Pantac makes the replica version of the LBT6094 its something I wouldn't look at just because its a replica, Shellback Tactical's Banshee though is the original and is made for "budget" law enforcement customers. The real LBT 6094 is about $365 on it's own. The reputation for Pantac (Also called Phantom) is phenomenal, there's a few things I cannot stand and that is the demand and support, it's also Made in China but I cannot see a problem for something that is Made in China a problem when both the Pantac and ShellBack Tactical (Made in USA) are 1000d Cordura. All it really comes down to is preference for how your layout for your loadout is.
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