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  1. Was commanded to defend lower city. But mostly LL. Already went through the major image lists twice.
  2. CoST. The only one on CoST. The one on UFS had the fully black flash hider.
  3. 10$ to the first person who can find a picture of the M240B user with the orange flash hider from the game and post it here. Paypal only.
  4. So it appears that no one got any footage of anyone wearing woodland marpat nor of an m240b user.
  5. I see. I got chrono'd (I had the big M240B P*) and you guys zip tied the regulator closed so it couldn't be changed in game. I figured that worked well enough.
  6. I was in no way talking down to the guys working the chrono. I just mean that I think the chrono used was faulty a little bit.
  7. And so me and the m240 evade yet another camera and remain undetected...
  8. Once again me and the m240 evade any type of camera capture...
  9. Unfortunately you've got guys like I mentioned who aren't able to control the 5 finger discount...
  10. I know a couple hpa users chrono'd after the event and found different fps than with the chrono used at AMS. It was mentioned before and definitely should be considered.
  11. The camera man I am referring to had on the plaid shirt and paintball mask. We tried to get them back from him but he was already gone by the time we got back to the night game.
  12. I will say this, the camera guy who rode up with us came back after the first day game with 4 cores and an entire bottle .25 BBs. Saying that he "found" them. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see that he actually returned them to the respective person, but he is know as US Airsoft on YouTube. He lives in Texas.
  13. For the other posts I thank everyone else for contributing their side to it.
  14. Just wanted to put it out there that I wasn't being completely clueless and trigger happy lol.
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