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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. thanks Alex, that was exactly what I was looking for. What time does chrono/registration/safety brief etc stop on Fridays? In other words, if I would be coming in around 7PM.. too late? The reason I ask is that I think I will have to work that Friday but would plan on driving down (from Charleston) right after work. If that's too disruptive or doesn't work, I understand and would just have to put this one off and shoot for a Spring 2015 event. Thanks for answering my newbie questions, I really appreciate the help Tom
  2. Still working my way through the forums, so if this is posted elsewhere please just point me in the general direction.. so trying to figure out how scheduling and squad meetups work? Example.. FG3 is Nov 7,8,9.. but what start time.? approx what end time? What happens if someone arrives late because of a car problem or traffic etc? Better example: So if I drove down and didn't arrive till late on Friday, could I just show up at registration on Saturday and be worked into an objective? I'm confused and, having not done a big milsim event yet, trying to get a feel for how this works with so many people theoretically arriving (and leaving?) at different times.. people not showing etc? Can anyone explain that process to me a bit? Thanks, Tom
  3. "Ah yes.. I was wondering what would break first.." -Bane
  4. likely tan, gonna borrow or pick up some desert digis
  5. thanks Alex, I think I will be able to borrow some desert digi's Hope to meet you at the event?
  6. some are 18+ and events have certain uniform requirements (posted in registration section of that event) I think all events have to use bio BBs also FPS limits etc posted in general rules section of forums
  7. Hi All, New to American Milsim forums, looking forward to my first op.. (hopefully Faded Giant 3) Call sign: SGT PSYOPS (just to clarify this is a nickname given to me in college, I was not able to serve due to medical condition) RL Name: Tom Location: Charleston, SC Hobbies: karate (black belt Kenpo, purple belt Shoto Kan, various improvised weapons), IDPA competitive pistol shooting, airsoft, gardening, hiking, reading, video games, reading (especially history, military history, and political history), movies, investing Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Band/Music: Rage Against the Machine Favorite Book: The Killer Angels Favorite Movie: Les Miserables (play/musical/novel/movie) Favorite Camo Pattern: ATACS (though I don't have a set yet!) RL occupation: Psychology field- various Looking forward to meeting y'all and slinging some BBs!
  8. same here, still getting google map error. Tried multiple ways that usually work with google maps such as zip code. Think the map is broken.
  9. and yes, I realize ACU/UCP (ie ICU) is possible worst camo pattern.. it's what I could afford for now.
  10. First off, introductions.. RL name is Tom. I am trying to make it to first American Milsim event for Faded Giant 3. Looking forward to meeting everyone and slinging some bbs together! Question: Most of my loadout gear is ACU. Which faction would ACU play on? Some consider it tan, others consider it green.... Thanks for the help. Looking forward to the event, heard good things on youtube about American Milsim. -Tom, SGT PSYOPS (or do I need to try to borrow some other loadout from a friend?) (and I assume by TAC gear, admins mean chest loadout etc? so.. in theory that could be approved camo pattern from registration page + my ACU/UCP chest rig since TAC doesnt matter?) Thanks.. squeezed in a couple more questions after the edit.
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