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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I can't be the only one curious who won BH6, and to see what each sides shortcomings where.. When does that stuff usually get posted? Thanks
  2. American Milsim does not disappoint... wow. This was my second American Milsim game since Faded Giant 3 back in November of 2014, and I am kind of mad at myself for not going to more. To kick things off, the organization beforehand was great (UFS). Command was very clear with all of their instructions and made sure that everyone received an email through their CoC regarding the event. Although, we (3 of us travelling together) reached out to our section via Email, FB group, and FB group chat with only 4 others responding. FRIDAY: When we arrived at the AO those same 4 ensured that we knew where they were and we set up camp together. It should be noted that the 4 we made contact with did not know each other. This was awesome, they helped us set up our campsite, and we went to the Ops brief and then walked the field and went over some small section tactics. Made some supper, in which we invited those 4 to get some chow, we also made them drink a ton of water, which paid off. This was the start to a really cohesive section. SATURDAY: Once all ready and with food in our belly's we proceeded to formation, the last minute safety and ops stuff is good and hearing it twice never hurt anyone. Only being able to rally with a total of 7 in our section, we assumed the others were "no shows" as they did not answer emails or messages on Facebook. In my opinion, there was far too many delays and waiting around on Saturday, people travel and pay to play these games and although I understand that things happen and from what I understood it was comms problems; this was American Milsim’s 6th time at this field and the 36th game, there is no reason why the comms were not sorted out weeks prior. Once the game started, we proceeded to V2, and then push forward towards PEGASIS, after hearing sections get caught up with contact along the road 22 towards those PEGASIS. We swept wide into a ravine where we encountered our first contact; took them out and pushed on. All day we hung around the area between V2 and PEGASIS; our command did not keep us informed of where he wanted us, even when we addressed it over the radio and asked. This was frustrating as we spent nearly 6 hours sitting around asking for orders, and receiving nothing (Comms worked as we had other conversations with our platoon CoC before). Then the game was called off, right before 2 section mates were scheduled for their HELO RUN. We appreciated the advice given to us by some members camping near us regarding the weather. After receiving word there was a Tornado nearby we were a bit spooked; being from Colorado, Vermont, and Ontario, Canada. SUNDAY: After a comfortable stay in a nearby Hotel we headed back to the AO. Once again, our platoon CoC contacted us over comms and we responded, they told us to standby and wait for orders... Then the game started and we heard nothing, asked over comms and still nothing. Frustrated, we joined with another platoon which was awesome. We captured and defended V2 then after being relieved (2 hours into the game), we headed towards COLEVILLE. Came under contact at PEGASIS, steamrolled the objective, and pushed on. COLEVILLE was a lot of fun, our small squad of 7 ran up and made more progress in 5 minutes than what looked to me like a fight that had been lasting since START EX. We fought it out for the last hour we had left and that was the game. Thanks to AMS, my 2 section mates had the chance to do their HELO RUN first thing Sunday morning, they were really looking forward to it so well done guys. OVERALL: I had an absolute blast and although the weather was a huge challenge as we are not used to that heat and humidity this early into the year, with lots of water and taking short breaks when we could everyone in our section stayed active and energetic. The negative side to me was the lack of communication, we we're shot up once from a friendly technical (who evidently found it difficult to ID their targets before firing), there was a lack of communication from command on both the platoon level as well as the team level. As well as the lack of organization at START EX, almost a 2 hour delay... I missed the INTEL that we had to collect during FG3, where we had to call in for the laptop to enter codes to unlock new missions and objectives... I feel like although BH6 was still very Milsim, it lacked that technical aspect that FG had that made every section constantly looking for INTEL around the AO. We were probably one of the smallest sections and we completed a lot regardless. I used some basic Canadian Infantry tactics with them and with an hour of practice, we used it in the field and it worked flawlessly. We were extremely aggressive even with their being 7 of us, as a result we conquered a lot of objectives even with tactical and unit strength disadvantages. All in all great event, could use a few little things but I had a blast and will be back!
  3. Hey Guys, Signed up a few nights ago and wanted to get onto the UFS Secure forum... how do we go about doing that? Thanks
  4. Will Polarstar be there by chance...? I need some serious tuning done, my gun is way out of wack.
  5. I hope this isn't the same for this years.... I'm going to be travelling 15hrs down to this game and would like play for more than 12 hours with 30hrs of travel time. Plus keep in mind that this year, DST ends 5 NOV 16 2400. So everyone will get an extra hour of sleep that night. Maybe just 2 longer evolutions... I was thinking 3 could be fit into something like; 1000-1600, 1800-2200, and then 0800-1400... but then like you said you have an issue with people showing up for the night game, which I remember from FG3. 2 evolutions might be best, but I would still like to make them a little longer, sunrise is at about 0747 and sunset at 1831 Saturday, but we cannot start that early because of chrono and remaining safety briefs and I understand that, so... 1200-2200 and then 0800-1400, this is still 16 hours of gameplay like previous years but in 2 games instead of 3. 0800 might be an early start time, but, everyone will get an extra hour of sleep and it will feel longer because of DST with sunrise changing to 0648 the Sunday morning. Even accounting for getting up 2 hours prior to Sunday start ex and being up 2 hours after Saturday end ex, it would be 7 hours of sleep for those worried, which is plenty... we do lots of sleep deprivation in the CAF and function on a lot less than 7 hours of sleep over 1 day. haha (more like 6 hours of sleep over 4 days) I just feel like 16hrs is back to what the event used to be and would involve a little more night play as well, plus you might get the attention of a few more people willing to travel the distance for an event that is a bit longer.
  6. I run ESSTAC kydex inserts in the stock front panel in the LBX Armatus II, I did have to cut the inserts so they didn't stick up because the build in pouches are short but they work perfect! Then I also run the ESSTAC short kiwi Kydex pouches on my 1st line and I could not be happier. They don't fall out and yet the mags pull out with ease (EPMs). These are just my personal favorites and SKD Tactical is a awesome site to order the stuff from in my past experiences.
  7. Really good DIY way is use those small foam boards used for swimming, and cut it to your size. If you are looking for something to buy, my favorite is the LBX ones... but I am unsure of their size they fit medium plate carriers.
  8. So I am wondering about the Blue Force Gear 2-1 point Sling (52546 on Evike) it has the 2 QD points, will it work with the build in mounts on the Daniel Defence MK12 RIS II unit (37052 on Evike) as well as the Magpul CTR stock (45372 on Evike). I don't know if all QD sling mounts are created equally or if they are different from company to company. Thanks in advance.
  9. Ok, so VHF works great with height... what does UHF work great with? Because we use the Dual-Band feature to communicate with my immediate team with VHF (Close by) and then to communicate with Command we use the UHF Band. So because the VHF is generally close anyways what's a good antenna for longer range UHF communications? If a 771 works good I will be running that on my back with an antenna cable to run from my radio up front.
  10. Thanks, I looked into them. What would be better do you think NA-701 or NA-771 like is the extra 8" of length on the 771 worth it or not?
  11. So been less than satisfied with my UV-5Rs current performance, I guess going over a stock antenna makes a huge difference. Im just wondering what is all out there for a good antennas... dont want a 10ft whip coming off my kit but I can deal with a 1ft antenna in order to get better performance. Thanks
  12. Plan on heading down from Chatham (London Area), if there is anyone from Ontario that wants to Carpool. Let me know... We have a pickup and storing kit in the back under a waterproof cover (with locking tailgate). But we have the whole backseat open. Spots for 3, gas total is going to be approximately $450 USD but split 4 or 5 ways it wouldn't be bad. Let me know. Also, if anyone from the US wants to carpool... we will be driving through lots of places. Just look on google maps and see if you are "on the way" and we could work something out. Thanks.
  13. is the Krytac LMG a SSW under your rules, wanted to know before I potentially buy one.
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