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  1. Hey ya'll, would like to get the password for the Cost forum. Like to see how platoons & squads are looking for our team.
  2. Hey ya'll, I lost an EF 1911 co2 mag & a Madbull KAC tan shorty suppressor on Saturday. They weren't marked but I know I lost the KAC about 30-40 yards north of the fuel depot. Not sure where exactly I lost the 1911 mag tho.
  3. Hey ya'll!! I'm Robert an go by the call sign Vader! I've been playing airsoft for a lil over a year & a half now in & around the SA area. I got involved thanks to my son Tre aka Wookie, who discovered what airsoft & milsim was all about. Together we made a reputation for being very good & stand up players. Because of that reputation we were asked to join Seisops Milsim. Thanks to them we were able to experience milsim on a national level by attending ESR19-2. Our very first AMS event. Although the rest of team couldn't attend BH3 due to some unfortunate circumstances the Wookie & I were able attend what I think was an absolutely awesome event. And now we'll be on our way to Ironclad!!
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