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    First off would like to thank AMS for hosting this event at the awesome AO. Looks like everyone is hitting on the spots of the game so I will just say it was a nice fire fight. PRO's: *Awesome AO *Admins did a 100% better job than at Broken Home. They were more into the areas of fighting, still some issues but no matter how many admins you have you will never be able to catch all issues. It's a game of honor so shouldn't have to have many admins in the first place. *Enjoyed the smoke and explosion effects. *Nice raffle. *Registration went a little smoother and faster. *Nice weather for a milsim game. CON's: *DAM caused a lot of confusion, more less due to where it was located. We were constantly told "Don't shoot them" yet when we stood up to watch them they would light us up. If a DAM is going to be an out of play mission then it should be off the field of play in my opinion. *AO has a lot of potential as far as objective based games....should have used it that way. RECOMMENDATIONS: *At registration, clear out all staff that are not helping with registration. To much BS'ing was going on and players not receiving their swag. *More objective based games than skirmishes, especially if your going to charge high entry prices. We all can shoot the piss out of each other every weekend at fields across the US. *Night games should not consist of admins huddling together and being extremely loud and shinning lights across the AO to give out positions. It defeats the purpose of having night vision at your games or even trying to be stealthy. *AMS, your admins are going to have to step on toes or else your games are going to be ruined. To much trash talking, wanting to fight, etc... Talk to the player if he/she keeps it up send them packing. It's to the point after 2 events your going to have to make a believer out of someone or it's just going to get worst at the more events you host. If you do this will you be trash talked about? Yes, but you will have more support for doing so than not. *Have ladders readily available for us old people who can't quit make it up on the roofs...haha All in all I had a great time and enjoyed the nice weather. Wished more would have stayed around for night game. Thanks again for hosting the event and wish you all the best at upcoming events. Sorry SC is out of my league, but will see you all at next years events.
  2. Yeap, the Pea Grenades are awesome. I allow them at the LZ and we usually have them in stock at Impact Tactical Airsoft. Yes they do get a little hot on the end, but have never caught fire at my field. However, I can say the so called "cold burning smoke" has. TSFX has a fairly new grenade out that actually looks like a US grenade but ATF is being pricks on allowing them in the US. I'm with you Swayze, can't beet them. You don't have to run around to find your core to the thunder b or run around to find your tornado, just pull the pin, throw and forget about picking it up.
  3. All in all it turned out to be a pretty good game. The Eternal Soldiers task was to hold Caen, Oil Fields, & Pegasis Bridge for as long as possible. Our orders were to put place no more than 3 squads at Caen, so I put 2 since I felt Pegasis Bridge was more important and closer to Colleville our main priority. We didn't expect to hold Caen but we did what we had planned,,,slowing tan down. Pegasis Bridge was attacked all throughout the day. After taking heavy casualties and having reinforcements that wanted to talk more than shoot I decided to pull back and give the bridge to the tan team. From this point everyone knows what happened,,haha,,major fire fight at Coleville. After our platoon pretty much being out of ammo, water, and exhausted we pulled out of Coleville about 30 minutes before game was called on Saturday so don't know much from that point. Sunday was an awesome firefight as well. Below I decided to summarize up in pros and cons so hopefully the staff will look at and see if some points may can be changed. PROS: 1.) Lot's of trigger time. 2.) Great Comm's. 3.) Bo & JP were keeping the game moving. 4.) Excellent military vehicles (added to realism). 5.) Safety Briefings on Friday so we didn't have to stand in the sun for 2 hours. 6.) Water Buffalo's seemed to be placed in the right areas. 7.) Staff was going around checking on people making sure not to hot or if they needed water, etc... 8.) Excellent Swag Bag and Raffle! CONS: 1.) Staff needs to get on same page (Example: Safety briefing we were being told different engagement ranges than rules stated.) 2.) To much joy riding again this year, staff should have been at main key points to monitor fire fights. (Sunday was a prime example, did everyone see all the red shirts out on the field at Coleville? Great job by staff on Sunday midgame!) (No game is perfect but you can only improve from the feedback.) 3.) If its not a military vehicle or emergency vehicle then it needs to stay the hell off the field! To many personal vehicles! 4.) Main military force needs objectives instead of being used to skirmish all the time. Capturing and defending is not what I call an objective. 5.) If admins don't want their personal vehicle shot, then they need to keep it off the field and most of all don't transport troops in it, but don't get pissy with the players who shoot at it. Again, it was a good game and the above is just some things we ran into. Keep up the great work guys. Thanks Snake
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  5. Hey everyone! Most will know me but if not I play on the Eternal Soldiers team and am the onwer of Impact Tacital Airsoft in Owasso & Tulsa as well as Snake's LZ airsoft field. Can't wait till AMS is up and running completely.
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