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  1. Not sure if this will apply at BH5 but at ESR4 the Resupply was attackable and had to return to the FOB if it was struck by a rocket. Dont be completely reliant on the Resupply to make it to where you are at.
  2. Well, there is a whole AO full of shelters. lol In case of too extreme conditions while hanging in my hammock, im headed for the camper in the center of the AO!
  3. Well now, I'm not that old haha. If possible, changing my name on the roster from "Crotchety" to "Crotchey" would be great. I know it sounds dirty but there's a funny story behind it.
  4. Oh I'm well aware, I've spent a lot of money from you guys at events. @looney is our local village idiot and this is his first AMS event. I'm just giving him a hard time making sure he's prepared.
  5. Enlistment usually ends when all tickets for that faction are sold.
  6. The OP is 2 months away, just order what you need now so your not dependant on the availability of items at the store. Just because the vendor is present, doesn't mean that they will be bringing the whole store with them.
  7. Our photographer Aunt Meg from Wichita Airsoft has started uploading photos from Rebel Yell 3. She still has uploaded quite a bit but still has a lot more to go, please feel free to tag yourself and your friends and keep checking her page as she continues to add more photos. Check out Aunt Meg Wichita Airsoft Photographer on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Aunt-Meg-Wichita-Airsoft-Photographer-488345038009345/?fref=ts

    HPA fills?

    Mine is a 90ci 4500psi, are you saying it can't be filled?

    HPA fills?

    Will there be HPA fills available?
  10. Don't think Lazer will be much of an issue, they are only on for a short period of time and usually you can see the beam.
  11. However if you install a longer outer barrel and rail, it should no longer be a carbine.


    So I currently own a Highlander helmet, would painting the green parts tan be acceptable? That would basicly make it Nomad
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