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  1. Color of eyepro is not regulated, just the helmet/hat
  2. While not required, it is a great way to stay in touch with your squad and into the action. Baofengs (UV-5R) are good radios for the cost, it's what most people run at events.
  3. Where can I find the emergency contact card?
  4. We used Midlands at iron horse and they worked as long as you know the frequency that corresponds to the channels. If it is close you can still pick up traffic. We've also finally made the jump to baofengs and are loving them.
  5. On another note, if you see someone pocketing something it doesn't hurt to ask if it is theirs. Most people will rethink their actions when confronted. Stand up for others cause it may be your crap being taken next time.
  6. I think I saw one in the Jail on Saturday... All the CoST was gone so I left it where it lay. Good luck finding it though and try to recover it shortly after you throw it, just let the other side know what you are doing.
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