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  1. EAGLEACTUAL, RETREAT HELL!!!! Semper FI! Find me at the Op. Gunny B
  2. I live here in South Carolina and am part of the AMS staff. It will be 77 and rainy on Saturday. 77 in Carolina speak means 80 with 100% humidity. Like the gentleman said above, "30 minutes into the game!!" I just wear a t-shirt and be cold for formation because once the blood starts pumping the sweat will come. Have fun, See you there!
  3. Razgriz23, in all my years in the Marine Corps, Law Enforcement, and Airosft, I have to say that your granola bar exchange is the most honorable thing I think I have ever heard. Semper FI to you sir! Thanks to all players near and far that came out. I hope you all had a blast. I know I did. I am exspecially thankful for the new friends I met during the weekend. Especially Big Candy! You're like a giant me! Hooker! Alex, another fine job as usual. Props to the Doc who sewed JP's ear back on. He was one cool guy! JP is as hard as the Russian anvil and as sharp as the sickle that crosses it. 50+ stitches and cheeseburgers at McD's!!!! Run tell 'DAT!
  4. T-Rex, although I have never officially met you, I was very entertained watching you all weekend. You are one sneaky dude. You remind me of that black crow in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons that would just come walking across the screen out of nowhere while Bugs and Elmer Fudd where fighting. Plus, you have the best looking legs in airsoft!!
  5. Charlie, I really appreciate than. Sincerely. The funny thing in all of this? I am VERY thick skinned however, throughout this entire thread and in the conversation that started it all I have been called some pretty harsh things but being called "Chubby!!!!!" That hurt!!! lol I am a delicate sensitive flower and that crushed my pedals!!! lol Thanks again sir. That is a BIG thing for you to say after the way I behaved. Kisses on all your pink parts.
  6. I have run chrono many times. 400 with .20's is the limit. The procedure is that I need to see 3 shots all under 400 at the same chrono. Pretty simple. If you need advise on how to get it down lower PM me, I'll be glad to help.
  7. Mr. Zimmer, you are right. I did throw it like a rock. (A fine way to put it by the way) I apologized before and again, I am sorry I handled myself that way. Admin gets hot and tired as well. I find airsoft to be very theroputic as well. Your friend is not the only one in those shoes. I keep my background very quiet as I feel I simply applied for a job, got paid, and went home. I ask nothing of anyone. As Misfit said above, "humble." The bottom line is...........I was wrong. I own it. As I stated, I looked for y'all to apologize on Sunday to no avail. Now I know that y'all left. I cannot go back and undo it. I feel that you and your men have stated valid points here however, the continued personal attacks need to stop. I GET IT! Everyone gets it, I f'd up! That doesn't mean we need post after post calling me names and so forth. I would be more than happy to get on the next flight to wherever you guys are and apologize in person. I don't, at this point, know what else can do. To Misfit, thanks for stating it the way you did and having my back. Semper Fi! I love you, Schmuck!
  8. Hello all. I am "Czar Bob" as it were.I My real name is Brad. I never got the names of the gents involved with this but I do agree to an extent I clearly owe your friend and you two as well an appology for the delivery of my message and escilation of the incident. My intent in pointing out the flag thing was in no way meant to offend or start an infration. It was just a simple "hey look" just as if his shoe had been untied. As for the flag......I will NOT apologize. I stand by my statement. That flag is NOT US Army issued. Refer to Art. 670-1. Guys, my primary contact with this was your buddy being upset about changes. If you recall, I asked him what was up and what I could do. Obviously now, I can clearly see that he was far too gone into frustration for me to try and get it fixed. I wanted everyone there to have a good time. I really do. I do have a reputation of being a hot head. I'm working on that and getting much better. I would hope that you guys can see that what I belive is that the chemestry in this action wasn't good and perhaps some predespission for anger before we even got there. I hope we can all sit around and have a few and make fun of eachother for this. As for the vet thing: I completely understand where you guys are coming from but just because your buddy is a combat vet, DON"T underestimate the people around you. I sleep with my issues too, as well as millions of others. Semper Fi to all that apply! I really did look for you all on Sunday to apologize but obviously not. Thanks for your time. Brad
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