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  1. Cool, thanks! That answer was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.
  2. I was wondering about what exactly the sniper does, I would assume scout/recon work when working in two man teams, but what exactly does he/she do when attached to a squad? Basically just another DMR with *hopefully* longer range? As the games are based on colour, I am also going to guess that ghillies are out of the question? I don't plan on buying/making one any time soon, but I would like to know for the future. Thanks!
  3. You see, the fact remains that I have still not been told why they are doing what they are doing. I understand you need some sort of uniformity throughout the event, however if you already have five different camouflages per side, I am trying to understand why there is an issue with adding a largely popular type. I am not asking them to, nor am I telling them they have to or I will not attend, I am simply wondering why it is not, and what, if I could do anything to, get it adjusted.
  4. I don't understand the hostility here, as I am asking a serious question about a serious camouflage pattern. You act as if I am asking "Can I wear tan and be on green?" I am simply asking what criteria must be met in order to get a certain type allowed, and as you do not seem to have the answer I am not heeding your replies.
  5. DPM/DDPM=British M81/DCU I fail to understand why no serious MilSim player knows what one of (if not the) most popular camo pattern in the world is.
  6. Adding actively used uniforms is going the wrong way, while allowing solid colour uniforms is the right way? I am failing to see your logic here. Edit: Would still appreciate what the criteria is. If you need a specific camo, I am looking at DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material)
  7. Alex, what would it take to get unauthorized camouflages authorized? I.E. Flecktarn, DPM... Also, what is the criteria of making said camouflages authorized/unauthorized? Public opinion, amount of usage, actively used, availability...
  8. As you do not have British DPM in there, that would be considered CoST correct? It's like woodland colors, but a different pattern.
  9. As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm sir, nowhere in the rules does it say anything about no black. Yes, it does say the matching part but if you consider having half of what you said "spelling it out." then Yuo ndee ot og kbac ot scendo rgdea.
  10. If I was to do a Private Military Contractor style loadout, and say I wanted to wear tan pants and tan plate carrier, would a black shirt be within the uniform constraints, if not, would a light colored flannel be all right? Thanks for any insight on this.
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