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    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important then fear!"

    "Every shot you don't take, you will miss 100% of the time"

    "Talk shit fall quick"

    Snowboarding, Skateboarding, BF4, Airsoft, Calling For Fire and killing my enemy with artillery mortars and bombs.
  1. I guess it is different for radios used in the military. woops
  2. Ron, Specs thank you, there really isn't much you can say back to people when they thank you for being in the service; but I always reply with I am glad to do it.
  3. hello MILSIMers, Im new to the MILSIM community but am looking forward to becoming an active member once I return from Afghanistan. Originally from Boston MA. current stationed at Ft. Campbell KY. Been in the Active Army 5 years deployed 3 time to Afghanistan 3 times. I started playing airsoft in 2010 and everything comes second nature to me thanks to the military. Send me friend requests would sure appreciate them.
  4. Some one was talking about offsets earlier in this forum. All a offset does is use the little bit of frequency that you skip every time when you put freqs in. Ex. (455.000 455.250 455.500 455.750, [using and offset can give you the extra bit of freq on the end of it] *455.300, 455.355, 455.400, 455.550) those are just an example to show what I am talking about I am not to good at describing it as well as I could show or teach it. if any one has questions about radios I has lots of military training being a F.O. I use radios ALOT. (PRC 148, 152, 154) are my bread and butter.
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