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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  2. I use my Zensah Neck gaitor, but any kind of moist wrap is better than nothing at all. People may not realize that using a wrap around your head is cooler than wearing nothing at all.
  3. La Vernia airsoft is another place to skirmish. If you are willing to travel a little, Austin has skirmishes at Texas Paintball that has more of a hill country type of environment. La Vernia airsoft = Desert type, with mesquite, cactus small town and small airfield structures. Chernobyl airsoft = More of a speedball type field with scattered vehicles as bunkers and one house structure. Texas Paintball= different field types, pines, rocks with a few new structures and a neat Old Mill site.
  4. Yea I remember seeing all of 3 UFS "defending" our CoC. Good job on taking it. lol We were commanded to try taking then holding CoST CoC for 10 minutes because all our other tasks were completed as far as we know. But back on topic, this was one of the most fun events I have been to. Thank you AMS staff, but most of all thanks to all the BH2 participants that made the trip out there. I would love to revisit this AO.
  5. I had a great time and I really didn't see any D-bag moves until the second day when a player sat in a nest full of dead tangos and was firing on our forces. Yea I was pissed and I let him know it after I figured out what he was doing. The whole group walked off after that, I hope he realized his fault even if late and called himself out.
  6. You need a female as Time Management Coordinator. From my expereince, they don't really give a crap for 'airsoft time'.
  7. I recently bought a stock, barely used TM standard length M14 and wondered where has it been all my life. I liked the sexy, 'lean and mean' look of the long front stock along with the long barrel. It's length almost seems to help pierce through heavy brush around me as I take aim. I fielded it for the first time this weekend, and it takes some getting used to in contrast from my normal 'HighSpeed' AR/loadout I normally sport. Magazines and reloading were definitely a chore to get used to. Weesatch can carry the mags, but only 4 internally advertised yet I struggled with getting a 5th to fit in there and that is not recommendable for myself now. I don't know if you had an issue adjusting to such a wide mag, but I did whenever I tried extracting a mag from the 'Satch. I will have to adjust my loadouts for sure either by changing to a rig with external pouches or getting used to carrying only 4 M14 mags (adding external pouches to a weesatch is odd to me). However when compared to my SPR I found it easier to blend into cover because of the overall difference in profile height. I really LOVE that front sight on the M14 as well. Even through its new struggles, I really like M14 platform and hope to get used to fielding it more often. Now going back to topic, I've always heard from M14 owners I trust that it has great range, that may be so, but this TM out of Japan was shooting mid 280's with .25's and in the brush I was in, the range was greatly hampered and the newer players didn't seem to feel/hear the hits. You mentioned your make M14's velocity so I think you have good advantage over my brand. The only unknown factor I can come up with is a difference in hop up design. Either way, I will plan on slipping in an M120 spring in the future and see how much better my range has become.
  8. With a limit of 4 Hicaps, it shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Done. Finally a Chance to check out an AMS event.
  10. Looking at the Google map, there are open fields on the east and what looks to be several different civilian homesteads in the area with varying amounts of debris on the property. I'm not sure if this is the correct area or if RGXI turned into something else from its traditional woodland (Brush country) setting. Can you fill us in on what type of setting this is actually going to be? I know RGX was at Ft. Hood, you don't need to remind me Edit: My buddies over at Houston airsoft enlightened me with a video from another event held at Red oak that helped me with my question.
  11. It is up to the event organizer, or in a skirmish, up to the players.
  12. After going through two TSA inspections, I'm glad to say I had no issues. I ended using special TSA locks and adhering to the TSA regulations for transporting firearms and never had an issue. By the time I had gone through TSA security check, my case and trunk were already checked in cleared by TSA luggage inspectors. I updated my first post.
  13. Thanks for the offer RanDMZ. I'm waiting till after OpIrene and decide whether I'm changing helmet styles or keeping these A Alphas.
  14. Ditto Dirtpro. Assuming you want to change lengths quickly and even if you do change uppers, you won't get any faster velocity obviously or notably longer range than you expect if you want to turn the AEG into a sniping platform. The most notable change would be better accuracy/grouping as a result of longer barrel depending on variables with a slight increase in range .
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