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  1. I would like to sell my Geist Designs Mk4 Plate Hanger for 220$ Shipped Conus or 213$ @ Blacksite It has not been fielded at all only tried on.
  2. Blacksite is what's on my mind !

  3. For those of us who are using hpa systems will ams provide a specfic ziptie or "lock" on our regs?
  4. Hey I have a nice g36 with foldable stock and 2 mags i don't use It and Its stock if anyone is interested pm me so I can bring it to ic or ship if necessary Im only asking 100$.
  5. So would it be ideal to just arrive saturday?; If I did what all would I miss? Cause I don't see anything going on according to the event schedule...
  6. Im paying tommrrow- tuesday. I responded since the thread owner didn't Hope its okay..
  7. I have the money the transfer is occuring now, I apologize for the mis-communication
  8. Do I need to fill Out all the 16 & under forms I will be 17 By the IC Op? Someone please notify me?
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