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    Dread got a reaction from Hulk in 2014 Medic rules. No excuses!   
    At the January BS event, each team\squad medic had 8 bandages and was limited to what he had. The numbers weren't based on the lives of the individual solider but the number of bandages available. 8 bandages meant 8 lives for the whole squad. Later in the game as it got heated, if medics from other squads were available, they could supplement. But once the SITREP for the squad was below a established threshold, the squad was considered combat ineffective and had to report back to respawn as a squad and start over. No trickling out one at a time.
    Walking dead were therefore whole "walking dead squads" not just individuals wandering around. Easily identifiable. And subject to some ridicule from the surrounding live foes.
    Once back at the CP, the whole squad would re-arm, re-equip, re-hydrate, have a smoke if so inclined and head back out as a squad. The bandages were returned to the medic to begin the process again.
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    Dread got a reaction from Hulk in 2014 Medic rules. No excuses!   
    Typically one of the main points of this type of game\SIM is teamwork. Staying and working with your squad through thick and thin.
    Let's say I get hit inside of a building and thus considered KIA, I now have to report to the nearest FOB or MASH unit. So after serving my bleed time at the nearest spot, I start my trip back to join my comrades in battle, but have to traverse the battlefield in doing so. What's to say that immediately while making my way back, I'm hit again? Then on the next trip back, I'm hit again? Is this trip back going to be a free ride thru or do we have to negotiate the enemy lines each time? I can see this evolving into a lot of lone wolves out there trying to make it back to their squads. And if we do get free pass thru the lines to regroup, I have just collected valuable enemy intel to share with my side.
    Note, Shelby MOUT for those of us that have played there, is spread out pretty good, but close and tight at the same time. There are going to be problems with trying to get any kind of FOB or MASH setup close that is not in someone's range.
    If I was KIA'd in bldg. JJ and it were surrounded by enemy forces, it would be near impossible to re-join my squad in JJ if required to run the gauntlet of the surrounding enemy bldgs. without getting re-KIA'd.
    I could be wrong. Maybe you can only rejoin you squad after they have all been hit. In that case I have to agree with another poster that I didn't throw in with this OP to sit in the respawn for what may add up to a considerable amount of time depending on the circumstances.
    I just wanted to add my 2 cents.. Please help me if I'm wrong on any of this.
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