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  1. Yeah. Okay. I get it. Now why don't we just let this thread die already? I tried, and as we all can see, I failed. No reason to piss on me now when I got the message when Alex humbly wrote AMS's response on here. Goodnight.
  2. I would say something... but I don't want to come off as a douche. But I will say this: don't try to encourage them to take off more camos, because for all we know, you're probably going to decrease the amount of people able to go, just like as you saw here in this thread.
  3. Alright, thank you for the honest answer. I guess I will be back on my quest to find another Milsim event that my team and I will be able to attend. Hopefully next year when we have more camos we'll attend another AMS event.
  4. Well I am the squad leader. I'm just curious. Trust me, I know how it feels when someone decides to do something their way when it's already be set in by your rule, but seeing a european milsim event that hosted up to 4,000 people, I just wonder how they handle these things.
  5. Hmm... well I can definitely see something like that going on with this type of an event, but tell me this: if someone were to get into this event with a different camo, and was found out until mid game, how would you guys handle that? Not saying this is what I'm going to do, because I doubt I will be going to this event seeing how you guys don't want to see Flecktarn in the CoST's camo allowances. Trust me, I'm just curious.
  6. Then what about those Russians that Zimm mentioned?
  7. What event was that? I'd be pretty pissed to drive my way up to Chicago just to turn back around again unless I was Bob Seger in 'Roll Me Away.'
  8. Well you said countries, not factions.
  9. Haha! That's great! They didn't get sent back or anything?
  10. Wait. Hold up. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." That leaves me with one more argument: How many people in your staff have read this entire discussion? Because I personally want to confirm that more than just Alex have read this entire discussion.
  11. Well there goes my argument...
  12. Well call me a mercenary/ally then. Flecktarn can also be put under the Milsim category because it is used by the German armed forces. If I use Flecktarn camo, and use real military tactics, then I am being a Milsim airsoft player. And to further support my point: NATO (which INCLUDES Germany) fights along side the US in Afghanistan, so representing them here can't bring any harm to this event. And as you probably know, all of the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan don't use the same camo, because all of them aren't from America.
  13. Germany, Russia (sort of. They use their own version), Japan, Poland (if I remember correctly), Tibet (they made their own flecktarn camo before being occupied by China. They still use it today), and some other east asian nations. But to be honest, every country that is listed above have their own version of the camo, whether it be different colors or the amount of colors. But Germany is the best known country that uses Flecktarn because they invented it.
  14. Wow... well said... You definitely get a round of applause from me. Although I do respect Rebel's opinion, I also think why should we run around in $30 BDUs when you've already got a really nice set of BDUs that costed you $100 with shipping (My set of Flectarn costed about $150 with shipping because it came from the UK... it wasn't until recently that we found a supplier in the US that carried Flecktarn). Again, Zimm, well said.
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