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  2. AMS Brad – I will pass your message on to my guy since forums are not his thing. If there is any more that needs saying, feel free to message me privately. We can all walk away with a lesson learned. Moving on . . . My own experience with the game is fairly immaterial as more verbose accounts have already been given. I prepared my squad based on what I could, I followed the orders I was given and at the end of Saturday the majority of my squad had lost interest in the game. We went home. Problems, however, are only constructively brought to light when solutions to the issues are also suggested. For AMS: - A MOUT facility is a massive trip/fall hazard, particularly the stairwells. Changing light conditions is good for play but stairwells should always have low level illumination. Buildings like JJ do not have illumination in MANY of the stairwells, so perhaps if you play the AO again minimally taping some chemlights or other low-level LED illumination to the walls would reduce the potential for multiple injuries. Neither is a costly solution. - FPS enforcement was done primarily with Chrony F1’s. This particular chrono is designed to work with either overhead sunlight or an incandescent light suspended above the gates. White plastic diffusers are supplied with the units and should be used for consistent results. I own one and chrono’ed EXACTLY the same as my home unit across 5 AEG’s and 1 P* . . . but I also chrono’ed in direct midday sun on both occasions. At your next event, please take the conditions in which they are being used in to consideration. - Eyepro was supposed to be enforced by the SQDL. I was able to enforce it due to bringing a full squad, others did not have this luxury. Perhaps you can make proof of sealed eyepro part of registration? I’m sure that the onsite vendors would be more than happy to offer a variety of choices at different price points (along with anti-fog wipes) for players who were lax on compliance. - Red shirts make a good way to identify admins but truth is anyone can show up with one. My squad identified a local player who showed up with a red shirt who was certainly NOT an admin. Small quantity t-shirt printing is not expensive so perhaps issue shirts with the AMS logo on the front and a big ‘EVENT STAFF’ across the back to eliminate confusion? Additionally, non-admins could be asked to wear safety vests ($4 at a hardware store) if they want to be on the field. For the player command: - This is MILSIM but it is also an event players pay to have fun at. If you know a squad isn’t seeing action, rotate the squads. If you don’t know who is stagnating, ask the PL. If the PL doesn’t know, ask the SQDL. Check hourly. Between evolutions is clearly not often enough. - Comms can always be an issue. Add the role of a comms officer, assign someone who knows what they are doing and highly recommend players purchase a specific brand of programmable radios. If an issue comes up, the config file can be updated to get everyone back on track. The rest comes down to the compliance of the player base to the rule set.
  3. The red shirt in question was indeed an admin. He repeatedly said it, threatened to throw two of my squad out of the game and AMS Alex ended up having to stand in the middle of it. My squad was told by CoST command at 4pm to start in a specific location for the night evolution and this turned out to be bad information. This change of start location was conveyed curtly to us by Bob just after we got set up. One of my guys got mad, said it was BS and I told him to walk it off. That should have been the end of it but was not. When my guy turned away, Bob took notice of his (army issued) US flag being 'backwards' on his left arm and decided to instigate with a verbal jab about it. It rapidly devolved in to Bob calling a multi-tour wounded combat veteran a communist. My guy walked away while Bob moved his verbal aim to a second one of my squad members. AMS Alex arrived. We asked Bob not to bring his personal views in to the game and confirm the change in start location. More words flew, I asked my guys to leave while I dealt with it. I confirmed the change in location, got called stupid (by Bob) for asking and then I walked away to leave AMS Alex to deal with Bob while I moved my squad accordingly. The whole scene was completely unnecessary. While I appreciate Alex's intervention, the fact does not change that Bob represents AMS the moment he puts on a red shirt and calls himself an admin.
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  8. There is a good chance that issues like this will be resolved at the squad level without even needing to get an AMS ruling on it. You are allowed one DMR per squad. If the SQDL is faced with multiple players wishing to claim the DMR spot, the more capable platform will get it. In the case where no other DMR's are present in the squad, the first thing a SMG/stubby AEG platform would need to do is prove that it's output energy even exceeds 1.48J with a 0.20g BB. In the case of an Ares Amoeba CCC with it's stock 102.7mm inner barrel, it would be difficult to push over that mark (I tested it and a M170 spring is needed). The comparison of the DMR designation to the SSW designation is a little off as well: - the DMR debate revolves around allowable output energy - the SSW debate about the use of hicaps.
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