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  1. I accept that Brad, and thanks for the effort. We can move on. And Misfit, the vet didn't bring his service up, I did. He is not asking for special treatment. But he deserves some. And if one day you need some, or Brad, or any other vet, I'll be just as much an advocate for your dignity.
  2. AMS Brad, first, thank you for your combat service. We did not return Sunday in part to avoid any more dealings with you or your ilk. (The other part was preferring to get home to work and family rather than stand in LL all day again.) Your "apology in part" as stated, proves we were right to avoid further dealings. If your way of dealing with hot, tired, frustrated grown men is to poke them when they turn their back by challenging their patriotism, you need another hobby. Remember saying that war vet was wearing his flag like a communist? Please explain how that has a place in your role as Admin at an AMS event? And stop hiding, saying you were just pointing it out like a shoe lace - you threw it at him like a rock to provoke him as he walked away. OWN IT. Remember saying "i don't give a shit" when told that guy is a wounded Iraq vet, he can wear his flag as he likes? Thankfully that guy had the balls to walk away, something you lack. And I don't know where or when you served and were injured in front line combat (like this vet), but I'm going to trust this recent Army vet and the Fallujah veteran U.S. Marine, and the military contractor, who watched this episode that his flag was not offensive, unpatriotic, or communist in any way. In sum, AMS Brad, I won't associate with any organization that treats PTSD vets, our friends, or any players for that matter, like crap. Celebrate our 22+ player absence as you please. Charlie Zimmer
  3. I think that sums it up pretty well. You can't have even semi-educated adults told to stand in a corner for 5 hours with only Misfit1 knowing why. And you can't expect your squad leaders to "make their own fun" if they have no clue what the goal of the game is. Again, I don't lay all of this Misfit1. I understand leadership is hard, and I get that having Misfit and Mako teams in QRF makes it easy to use them in the battle while the map stays firm with board teams. That is why AMS should protect its product more closely. I'm not saying micro-manage the game, but make sure your CO has not decided that no other player is allowed to know the point of the game. And Jonesy, you were not alone brother. We had our PL3 squad on the field that night - even after Czar Brad had infuriated everyone within earshot. We were told to meet at the mosque to start the game and we took all the PL3 members we could find with us. SLM from PL2 was there as well. But once the dead lights went on the game was chaos as members could not make it back to their teams, so there was no PL3 at that point. I went Rambo for a while trying to reach my team, and got some kills, but that is not really why I play. I like team tactics and that was just impossible with the respawn rule. Eventually we set up shop and sniped for a while, but with everyone using the same dead light color you could never be sure what you were doing. By 9:30 we were just board, and called it quits along with the lines of people walking into camp. And again, never got a single peep over comms as to what ground we held, how many cases we found, if the HVT was captured. Just people running around a map in the dark.
  4. Fair enough. Again, we never met or heard from Misfit1 before or during the event, so I trust your experience. The reason we assume this is that is what he said before the event - that he planned to be up at the front of the fight leading. We also had other players who were asking why their PL was up in the battle and not responding to their inquiries.
  5. Danarchy, I appreciate your response and the intel, as we were unaware of most of the game's ongoings. As Butters said, we have hit this horse as much as we productively can, and I don't want to compare event organizations - they should be different, that is why I organized a squad and came out. I would recommend a simplified command structure where your CO stays in a room/rooftop looking at a map and talks directly to Sqls so he knows what is going on and who needs to be rotated, etc. As was said, command is not about you having a great game as a squad leader; it is team-centric. Either way, the guys that cash the checks should see if their customers are getting their money out of it - or just cut us loose to raid the villages. We can do that too! The shit-for-brains power tripping Admin, Czar Bob, was just the icing on the cake after a long day sweating and then being told, by said shit-for-brains, that the small amount of intel we had was wrong and we had planned and prepared that night site for nothing. Frustrating way to spend your weekend.
  6. Misfit1, to be clear, I was directing my comments at the COST command, headed by you, and up through you to AMS. The buck stops there as this is their product, not yours, but you own part of the check. Sorry if I was not clear. I'm guessing you were in the thick of it all day, right? From your active military experience, I'm sure you know why commanders stay in the rear and look at the big picture? You can't run 3 PLs while running with a squad. As for learning, how about you swap out a hot team your leading for one of the teams dutifully sitting on the sidelines per your orders? You had two full platoons following your orders (as best we had them from pre-event) to watch those buildings and stay out of your fight. And don't give us that "this is MILSIm, so just guard" bull - you come guard. We constantly checked up command, and constantly were told just hold that spot. And you can't have it both ways, as seems to be the norm in the responses. You can't say "follow the command structure, follow my orders, report up the chain" and then say "make your own fun, take initiative". You either want orders followed, or you want teams to make their own orders. But, that was actively discouraged for months in advance of the event. Rick, glad you see the comments for what they are. We are not pissed that we were not pampered. We are not pissed that we were not given action on our doorstep at every moment. These are not kids who showed up and needed hand holding. AMS should (IMO) manage the command structure better and make sure 2/3 of the players one side are not stewing in their hot boxes while command is AWOL fighting it out like a local game. You would have been better off just meeting with the SQLs and giving them general objective and having them work out plans. We were never given much idea what the hell was the game objective, and only then as UFS was taking the field. (Same at night, we got the info as Tan took their 2:1 size advantage across the field.) We knew our building was high value, but not much else. We assumed the Mosque must be also since all the game was on its doorstep. Is the building across the street important? I ask my PL, no idea. In short, the illusion of command made good players wait for orders. The illusion of command made teams that prepped for this event for months "stand-by" per orders - not laziness. Just kill the illusion and we will make our own way. And the fix is easy. In the night rotation one Admin came into our building and asked how it was going - he seemed honestly interest in our experience. That never happened the first 10 hrs. Add more of that and give him the power to force change when your hand picked leadership is blowing YOUR event. You can file this away and move on if you like. Supply and demand is the end answer, and if AMS has so many players that these "few" complaints don't matter...so be it. But if AMS wants more dedicated players, you should look into improving key management items.
  7. At least it was just a 240...wait, that's not right!
  8. Nope, it sucked on our that side too. We were envious of UFS for getting to at least try to attack. Once it was stalemated, the only people having real fun were the snipers and SSW guys. We were not even told how many buildings had point values, but I know the two major point buildings (LL and JJ) were seldom even probed. You guys should have come downtown, our hotels and schools are beautiful this time of year. And we were sunbathing and shooting mushroom tops to pass time.
  9. And that is exactly what the AMS motto should be. Stop hiding behind "follow your command structure" as everyone says and just be honest. Tell the customer "look, we have a world class AO. It is up to you to make a plan and execute it. Your command structure is dead." We would have done that. And it would be truthful advertising. But don't blame me for AMS' lack of effort because our guys rigidly stuck to the only command we were given: "protect this important building". I guess you would have just left that assignment and "made your own fun." But that aint MILSIM, that's backyard airsoft. Nothing wrong with backyard airsoft, but it is not what AMS advertises, or what my platoon signed up for.
  10. Sorry Ron, this group was not a bunch of kids who failed to prepare and wanted hand holding. We prepped for months. Checked the forums daily for months. We played Shelby at Blacksheep and knew how great the AO was and planned accordingly. We desperately begged for info from our "command" structure up the game start. Guess what, silence. I think I know why: high Command was only concerned with having fun themselves, not commanding. Our CO wants to be on the front line? Interesting choice. And the QRF is his personal team? Hmmm. They probably had a great time letting us protect/watch their game. As for blaming us because the AMS command structure was AWOL...well you just blew my mind. I didn't see where we got to pick or vote on our command structure. It came from AMS. We, like fools in hindsight, followed our orders even when it was clear we had blown all this time and effort on a crap game. Not until 2 (with a 4 cut off) did a group of us give up on command and head over to the Mosque area to participate in the game. And that game was a stalemate of sniper lobs on a small fraction of the AO, like a cheap backward game with great buildings. Command was impossible to find before the event, absent at the start of the event, and silent during the event. IT IS AMS' JOB TO RUN THE EVENT. If the command they put in place is not up to the task, that is an AMS problem. If the game is stagnant for at least 2 of 3 platoons ALL DAY, that is an AMS game management problem. If Admins are jerks to paying customers, that is an AMS problem (and you might have solved the riddle of why these games are hard to make profitable). These are not players to AMS, they paying customers. Czar Bob is just an ass that thought his red shirt meant he could make personal attacks on players and then threaten to eject them for getting pissed. Tell a war vet how to wear a flag patch...that's part of Admin'ing the game? A game desperately in need of hands on Admins!?! If we ever attended again, which we wont, I'd just tell my team to ignore the "command structure" and get on the move like a local game. That was the most common conversation between players, "this is just like a local walk-on game". Very sad. Great AO. Crap game. And to be clear, a couple of the Admins were helpful. One guy not wearing red was helpful on the night portion (he explained the objective! and check on us in a building), didn't get his name. And Alex was great in getting general game info to us via the forums before the game. The chrono team was nice, and registration was easy. The game itself, was terribly run from a organizational level.
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  13. "J. Thunder B's, Tornados or Approved "FRAGs" will be counted as a "grenade" when used INSIDE with a lethal kill radius of 15 feet (must detonate), unless enemy is behind hard cover." So 15ft, unless you have hard cover. No bb strike required. Correct? Tape measure fights are a pain in the arse, but this rule will cure the issues with crappy grenades not hitting you, or kits keeping you from feeling a weak strike. Seems workable.
  14. Not so simple at Shelby. Have you looked at the building maps? Many "rooms" that open to other "rooms" with no set doorway. Some rooms are huge, others normal 14x14 (ish). Some have half walls, doors, etc. You can't say a grenade dropped through a window just killed a squad 40ft away in a semi-open room. Otherwise they can just rename this event Grenade-athon and we can all leave our guns at home. In January, grenades were useless as it was an impact only rule and no-one was calling hits. i expect that was due to the full kit in use with low fps grenade bbs, but it was frustrating. But you can't push the pendulum all the way the other direction either and make a grenade some kind of tactical nuke. That would make this a deepest-pocket contest of who wants to buy 100 grenades and dominate every CQB without firing a bb. I would ask AMS to clarify this very quickly. The purchase of grenades is not as ez or cheap as BBs, so teams need time to arm up based on the tools available at the AO. Tactical nuke grenades would jump to 1st on the NEED list.
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