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  1. MDR huh.... Metropolitan District Railroad? Toot toot, motherf**ker!
  2. Really? Awesome, that's gonna same me some major headaches. Thanks for the info.
  3. I will be assuming the role of DMR for my squad, and have a question regarding the rules around semi-auto-only modifications. I already assume that a MOSFET is out of the question since so many of them are so easily programmed. I really would rather not open up my mech again to get to the selector plate, and also would prefer not to drill into the side of my lower receiver to install a screw beside the selector switch to prevent it from moving all the way to full-auto. So, my next line of thinking was this: Would it be within regulations to adhere a small plastic or metal block (using Gorilla glue or another ultra-strong epoxy) beside the selector switch (the red area in the picture below) to prevent it from moving all the way to full-auto? I don't think it humanly possible to remove something like that without the use of a solvent or a drill/sander, so I'm hoping that it will be an adequate "mechanical" disabling of full-auto. Thanks in advance!
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