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  1. Totally agree on this. We were planning on running through till 11 although at significantly decreased force presense. AMS informed us at around 10 minutes to 9PM that the game would stop at 9. We told as many as we could, but still many players we could not get ahold of stayed out on the field and did not stop playing until 11 and did not know the plan was changed. I think everything would have been fine if we'd just kept going till 11 like the schedule stated. I think the night game should be there for those who want it, even if it's only 10% of players or whatever, it's still cool to have.
  2. So since I cheated and ran around with the scouts for 3 hours in the dark Friday night I want to make a quick comment on that. Lots of fun stumbling around in the dark, watching all planning and prep go out the window in favor of a few choice "how do we get this done" moments was really cool. Lot of cool people that did scouts and had fun stumbling through the woods with you guys. I think there was some problems on both admin side and on scouts side that could have been fixed but thankfully nobody gave up and threw in the towel. Adapt and overcome and was glad to see you guys survive the entire weekend. Huge thanks danarchy for loaning me your NOD/Helmet Friday night, definitely a highlight for me. Lots of good play saturday but little direction from AMS. Maybe they wanted more sandbox this year, which I guess is cool. But even sandboxes have some sort of overarching objective. We had little to direct troops to do much of the time (in comparison to other years). I feel as though this led to some soldiers getting a bit discouraged when we just sent them out to make contact again and again. If the command element cannot give them any sense of urgency and purpose to their fighting, people won't fight as hard. Toward the end of the day Saturday we did complete some objectives and Sunday was slightly better, but still lax compared to other years. I would rather have too much stuff lined up to do and not be able to get it all done rather than have troops sitting around doing nothing waiting for missions, or send them out to do something random and then need them later. I might be the only one who missed the control points being there. There was always a point to taking/defending these for points before which was a pseudo mission to fall back on and direct troops to take/defend when there was no immediate mission. We ended up trying to hit COST base the entire time just to take more of the brick crates just because there was no other thing to "do". Another thing I missed was having embedded CC. This role I feel is critical as they are with command elements and can sense the ebb/flow of the game progression firsthand. If questions about objectives come up they are a single point of contact for us and can save game director (alex) time by not having to answer radio calls from all sides at all times. I am only talking about the bad stuff I guess, Overall I did have fun and it was a great weekend of running around shooting people in the woods. Just personally maybe not as good as some prior years/events I've been to with AMS. As always, an honor and pleasure to work with all UFS troops, especially the leadership team who I consider good friends at this point after 7 or so years of playing games wearing Tan with you. Big congrats to AMS and all the crew/admins/support staff for the 5 year anniversary, really cool that you made it this far and see all the way you've come. See you all at the next OP. ~Jazz
  3. I run. If my body starts complaining that I'm running too much, I bike. I find cardio much more important than strength for me. I like to think I can measure my success by how much time I can spend in the field vs how much time I need to rest/hydrate. Cardio helps me stay out longer and get back in the game quicker. $.02
  4. The saturday evo is till 11PM. So it will be dark for about 2 hours of play. Please read the schedule here: http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4762-bh5-event-schedule/
  5. I am not sure if google maps covers rural oklahoma
  6. Is there any road closures this year we should know about?
  7. As far as the original posters questions, I have to say you really have to just try things out. Order some mag pouches and put them on your belt while wearing your vest, see how it feels. Move them to a different position and practice a few mag changes. crawl around on the floor and try sitting down with it in each position to see how it feels and moves. Try jogging to see if you can comfortably move with it bouncing around a bit. My personal opinion is the less lower body stuff the better. EVERYTHING goes on my plate carrier for me. Holster and all. I might wear 1 kneepad if it is really rocky/rough terrain. (like d-day park) I also find having any sort of belt or leg carriers really inhibits vehicle stuff. But again that's just my $.02. I probably look top-heavy but that is how I like it.
  8. The material on combat shirts in the center area is generally that synthetic, under-armour type material. Personally I prefer an underarmor or compression shirt and BDU top over. but I do see the point of the combat shirt, especially if you are wearing belt layers and vest also, the layers start to add up.
  9. Yeah. Way ahead. Just can't talk about on line Hence "black"
  10. There is always some blacker than black ops comms going on but 99.99% of players just use FRS/GMRS channel frequencies.
  11. I would argue programming by hand is harder than with Chirp. here's a link to a chirp file that will program way more stuff than you need. but 1-22 will match commercial FRS/GMRS channels for ya. https://radiofreeq.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/prepper-shtf-survival-comms-ht-vhf-uhf-frequency-programming-file/#more-158
  12. I don't think anyone's arguing that it's safe or unsafe. I wholeheartedly believe that it is as safe as can be humanly possible with things still going *bang*. I think the question and potential argument is more about the game mechanics and attitudes of the player in respect to hit-calling. In my opinion it's just another thing for people who want that. It's not "right" or "wrong", just different. If you like Chevys, buy a Chevy, not a ford. Don't be a dick and run around telling people their ford is shit and they are stupid for buying it. If you want to go to a game that lets you shoot blanks, Go right ahead. I'd never tell anyone they are doing it wrong if they are doing something they enjoy that hurts nobody. *shrug*
  13. Work through your leadership staff and they will tell you what frequency and settings to use and you should be fine. in most cases you can find someone on-site to program your radio for you. Would not hurt to bring the radio programming software/cable with you, and the person who is working the comms for your side for that event will help you get it done. You will find most people are pretty friendly (even if abused). Hell, I have even been known to help the enemy out when in need before the OP. Worst case get with a buddy with a similar radio and type in the frequency manually and lock it.
  14. I am neither a "founder" nor a "high level admin", however inclined to make one point. Do not forget that AMS is a BUSINESS. It is not the same as a nonprofit like many local fields or organizers. That said, if you hand people money I somehow doubt they are going to say 'no thanks'. Maybe your $$$ would be better off used bringing some cool toys to AMS events such as a cool military vehicle or some cool nightvision - we always need more bodies at the night games. $.02 anyway. Make donations to charities not companies. (and buy a black card, and buy all your friends black cards)
  15. My theory: both sides think they won and AMS doesn't want to cheese 350 people off one way or the other
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