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  1. We've been using a standardized comms matrix for the last couple of years.
  2. Gear color doesn't matter. Uniform Color is what matters. You can run whatever gun you want. If you want to come and play CoST, then all you need is some cheap solid od uniforms off of Amazon and run whatever Russian Gear you have. Like I said, it's the uniform color that matters.
  3. The press pass is available to anyone. It's just how we restrict the number of non player/sponsor photographers on the field. It has the same rights as any other ticket.
  4. We used to allow ATACS FG for Cost, but the issue is that it fades really bad, and then looks a lot like the UFS uniforms, even at a moderate close distance.
  5. You're good to go. It's essentially just like a Shrike, but a little more updated. It's basically the same operation with slightly different fur furniture.
  6. I'll check if there are any pistol mags in the lost and found the next time I'm down at the shop. Many pistol mags look the same. Were there any Identifying marks on this magazine?
  7. I have seen them around, but you would probably have more luck looking at reenactment type groups. Short google search found this: http://ww2aa.proboards.com/
  8. If you lost it, post it here. I will not post a list of things that we had turned in. If you lost it, post it here and I'll let you know if we have it. I'll be down to the shop tomorrow to collect everything, and can start updating the inquires here.
  9. Alex AMS


    Green flight suit is good to go as well, as long as solid/od/ranger green is listed on the uniform requirements.
  10. There are additional range control requirements to occupy the buildings through the night.
  11. Alex AMS


    OCP is Multicam/ Multicam is OCP. It's the same thing as far as the Army is concerned, and it's the same thing as far as AMS is concerned.
  12. You are required to attend a safety brief. It doesn't matter if you go to the one on friday or saturday morning. But you mist attend one. If you are not able to get to a brief by the last one on saturday morning, then you need to contact us to make arrangements. But typically game start is a pretty busy time on saturday morning, and it will delay you getting in the game.
  13. You will have a better chance of ending up on the same squad if everyone that registers put the same thing in the team affiliation line. Its easier to miss an individual person the way that the ticketing system spits out the information. If everyone puts "unicorn" then they will be placed on the same squad. Just ask the other guys what they put, you don't actually have to be a member of their team.
  14. Just put your radio in a pouch that has a flap over the top and you should be fine. I've been rained on many times at ams events and have never had a problem with my radios.
  15. Your correlating it backwards. The intent is that a round must make a pop/flash/bang to kill troops. This is to mitigate the insane amount of "I just killed all those guys with my silent nerf round that landed where none of them saw it" that we deal with at each event. Thus, the nerf rocket's only purpose is to take out vehicles. The TagInn rounds can still take out vehicles if they hit a vehicle, just like they have before. I'll work with JP on the lingo in the ruleset to see if we can clarify it a little better.
  16. The regular ESS NVG goggles used to not come with any foam, just the rubber seal, this is fine. The Turbofan goggles came with the foam seal that would come off really easily. Both of these are good to go because they have a seal.
  17. There is currently no plan to remove snipers from AMS games. I'm locking this post, and changing the title to avoid confusion in the future. This is how rumors start.
  18. MK12 is fine as it meets all required rules.
  19. Sorry guys, I didn't see the questions about Elijah road until just now, sorry guys.
  20. The schedule should be up by the end of the month, some dates may be tentative, or just list the month.
  21. As soon as dates are finalized, they will be posted.
  22. Flare Guns are restricted to staff use only. 37mm launchers are classified as flare guns.
  23. AMS does not provide food, water, or power. Sometimes water, but there will not be any potable water on site.
  24. You can access the site from the main base, I did this when I was stationed there during OP Bulldog years ago. However, you will need a temp pass if you do not have a DOD decal. Also, depending on where you are coming from, it would probably be faster to go around the main base. Fort Hood is MASSIVE. With slow speed limits on base, we used to leave the base, drive down the highway, and then go back through the gate becase it was faster. Also, I got popped at the gate with an airsoft gun once, and it was a pain in the ass.
  25. You commented on a post from 3 years ago when RDG was in north Texas, and it did get that cold. People had water freeze in their camelbaks.
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