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  1. Unfortunately the Tokyo Marui magazines have become scarce and expensive because they were very dependable well made items. I used one many times to compare to the "others" to figure out what needed to be worked on to fix them. The big thing to remember is that you should modify the magazine and not the weapon. Never load your standard mags overnight, or leave them loaded, because the springs will weaken quickly. If this happens, the springs can be stretched out and will work for a time as long as you don't compress them for more than 4-8 hours. One of the biggest problems I've found is jamming near the exit point of the mag. This is usually due to the skids being either non existent or improperly molded. I have fixed these many times but it is a process. When you use several makes of weapon you will need to customize the mags so they are optimal in every one. I just bought a mag for my Augs that would not work at all, and upon inspection I found it needed to be built up on the nub that contacts the mag lock or holder. Super glue and a thickness of hobby plastic can do wonders for troublesome mags. I have now used M16 variants, M14s, AKs, Thompsons and Augs, and have found these techniques work in each instance. Just go slow and think about what you are doing.
  2. Most players have used or own a GBB pistol so they are aware of the recoil, trigger response and cycling that approximates more accurately the functions of a modern weapon. I really enjoy shooting my Marushin M1 Garand, and it is so accurate, not to mention the 8mm .43 BB tears the hell out of targets that 6mm .25 BBs did not bother. The downside is the disadvantage of going against a squad of sewing machines hosing the hell out of the area. If you enjoy it so much you can live with the handicap then more power to you. If you can organize a game with just GBBs, or convince everyone to play a game with everyone on semi-auto, then the joy of using the GBB is not diminished by the vast difference in game play caused by the AEG.
  3. It is a basic skill of the Navy Seals for close quarter combat.
  4. I had a similar problem. I called OSBI and the FBI since it went across state lines. I filled out online forms and figured "gone". About six months later I got a check from the Massachusetts Department of Corrections for the full amount I lost. It worked for me, and all I had was an IP address. Pitt would be scary, but imagine a bunch of agents at your door.
  5. Hello to the few airsofters who might remember me. I (Alpha) ran the Kashistan games for a couple of years, and then faded into oblivion for several reasons. Anyway, I have fielded M16s, M4A1s, AKs, M14s, and Thompson M1A1 and M1928A1 models. I have now been interested in the Steyr Aug military model (built in scope). I purchased a JG AU-2G Aug off ebay for $71 shipped, and after setting the scope correctly (amazing stupidity among airsofters), and fixing several mags so they feed correctly, I had a winner. It chronographs about 340 fps (with .20) and is fairly accurate (not like my M14s or Garand) and I really like the two stage trigger pull (semi or down for full auto). I had to manufacture a barrel release knob which was missing but what the heck. I then purchased a Classic Army Steyr Aug Military model for more money (I should have known better) and found the following comparisons: First, this model is inferior with the butt plate. Second, the overall build is second rate to the JG. Third, the owner of this rifle did not reassemble it correctly, and so the safety was backwards (maybe he was a lefty), the main body pin had a retaining part missing (I had to manufacture one), and the scope and hop-up were so horribly set that the BBs went right into the ground, even though the hop was almost all the way on. I know what I am saying is the owner was an A--hat, but still, I see the comparisons, and I find that even though I am a loyal Tokyo Marui devotee, CA is not second in any way anymore. The JG is superior in almost all comparisons to The CA, even in after market parts for the gearbox, and at this point you are up against what I think is metric vrs. English/American standard build specs. I had to add pieces of plastic to the mags I bought for the JG, which make it incompatible with the CA. I could go back and alter the JG with a piece of plastic to accept all mags, but why mess with what works? I read several reviews about misfeeding when all the shooter needed to do was watch his magazine jump out of the JG and he would know how to fix it. Bottom line is this: If you think you are buying a state of the art firearm for under $200 you are an idiot. Think about what is happening at every step of the way and you can fix toys. If you think of them at any higher level you are mistaken.
  6. In my profession, someone falsified experience and college degrees. Upon learning the truth, that person was fired.
  7. ALPHA


    I just got a pair of WW2 jump boots of very high quality. When I put them on they were killing me on the inner area above the ankle bone. I have a pair of US boots in the same design (all leather) from years ago, and they did the same thing. I am calling on the expertise of those who may have suffered through this for suggestions. I know about using a leather softener and I do notice after wearing them almost all day that they are better. Is it just that they need a break in period?
  8. I have used M16 variants from the full length M16 with an M209 attached to an M4A1 with a retractable stock. I have also used M14 variants from the Socom 16 to the weighty metal monster to a real wood M14 with RIS to an M14 Scout. There is no way to compare them. They each have their place. I found out that I am not one of "America's Greatest Generation" because I can't carry a real wood M14 with RIS all day in the heat and be effectve. I also found out that in wooded areas it is not friendly. In other instances I found a stock Marui M14 to be an amazing weapon that enabled me to cut down many players who could not reach me. The short M4A1 is a handy weapon in the woods, and can be carried all day on the move. That is the value of plastic.
  9. I use mostly OD3 which is about the same as coyote. They new and improve but it is really the same, except that the old stuff would be prohibitive to mass produce today. It was made so much better.
  10. I use rigs I built myself. I did buy a WW2 web belt, but the rest is ALPHA-made.
  11. I am a gentleman, I do not work for a living.
  12. ALPHA


    I started with some German boots, graduated to some USMC Bates, went from there to Danner USMC and on to Danner Acadia which I liked the best and wore for years (still do). When I went to WW2 I started with some French copies but have since moved on to Double buckle and lowboots from At the Front. What I am getting at is there are so many suberb boots out there that anyone can feel comfortable in boots, and must find the best model to suit them. Boots are a basic and indespensible item and are one of the most important parts of an operator's attire.
  13. I like lots of WW2 stuff. I could show up for weeks and weeks and never wear the same outfit. I guess............well, I am calling this a gear horder.
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