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  1. There was absolutely no sticker put on my regulator or any type of safety device put on it. I could have gone back and turned up my FPS by a large amount and know one would have known. Trust me, i know how hard it is to enforce Chrono rules 100%. IT is always an issue at our local fields here. I was one of the individuals who chrono'd at ~400 FPS at your chrono, went back and used mine, and to my surprise I was shooting 1.9J with a .32g. That is waaaayyyy over the limit. Now this was all in the rush Saturday morning.
  2. I'm not disregarding your service one bit and I am not a vet. My comment was towards the ignorance of a "good" PL. I don't know the guy and I am not saying anything about his play as a person, but the communication was down right awful. We, as SLM, did not meet him until 3 minutes before the game start and hardly could get a hold of him on the comms. How can you expect us to go "create our own fun" when it was frowned upon to be a rouge squad. I am very grateful I play this "sport" (or obsession as the wife calls it) and I try to be respectful in every way. It's ignorance that bothers me. The only one who seems to be taking from this at the moment is Silva. SLM was really hoping this could be one of our yearly games to go to, but we were greatly disappointing. As of right now, unless we see some major changes, we will most likely not be back. Maybe it was the fact this was the first game at Shelby for you all. I hate comparing events but so was BSM and that was a fantastic event. I would pay double what I payed to play that again. All we are asking is that our concerns are acknowledged and resolved in some way. And for Castro, if you are embarrassed about a community that voices their opinions about an event to try and make it better for future gamers, then so be it. before you start making accusations about not reading up on the event or not making contact, than please read the previous posts. Our SQL tried to lend a helping hand to command because WE HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE. So communication was made and we assumed this was going to be good. Again, we appreciate Silva listening.
  3. Too bad when we tried to reach command, no one responded. It must have just been us!!
  4. Well, since y'all are taking advice, I would say this....the most important thing to me and all of my teammates is command and orders. We do not come to these events to just go run around and do what we want. We can do that every weekend here at local events. Command needs to give orders. The CO needs to be sitting behind the cameras or what have you, giving orders to the PL's. Who by the way should not be getting into intense fire fights. Those orders should go directly to the SL's. Our squad leader received maybe two orders the entire time. Do we have to ask to get orders?? I guess I am just used to command really not even playing at these type of events. And the safety stuff is a major concern. That alone makes me not want to return. My gun was shooting 1.9J after YOUR chrono said 400 FPS....not safe guys. Most people out there don't chrono their gun twice. I am glad I did because that could have hurt someone.
  5. Well this wasn't loved at all...."just saying". I have not been to an event where command was actively playing the entire game. Your job is to COMMAND. Not assume we will do shit. And I don't think anyone would want to pay $150 to sit in a building. Major safety concerns.....come on. My gun chrono'd at 401 at your station. Went back to check it with mine...1.9J. That's dangerous. Needless to say I turned it down. It's like beating a dead horse but y'all have thick skulls. And damn, use spell check bro. AMS for life!!!!
  6. I really hope your kidding. These type of events should not be a "go do what you want, and make your own fun" type of events. If I want to do that I will pay $15 bucks to go play attack and defend at the locval field for christ sake. MILSIM events need structure (this one didn't have any), command (this was a joke), and just over all tactical play (sitting on a roof??). This was a shoot fest...period. There were no tactics involved. If our squad leader didn't try to contact our PL multiple times, we would have stood on the top of JJ for 5 freaking hours! This AO can handle a lot of people, it all depends on how the game is run. I hate comparing events to others, but this wasn't even close to Blacksheep. In my 5ish years of airsoft, this is close to the worst game I have been at.
  7. As a team member with Mike on SLM, and a co-player with dread and steel, I cannot agree more with everything thing they said. This was a pretty disappointing event. We were expecting so much with all the hype behind AMS, but to our surprise we were greatly let down. As a matter of fact, Mike tried to lend his support to our command about the AO and no one gave him the light of day. SLM along with a lot of other have been to Shelby and knew what to expect as far as the AO goes. Wouldn't you think they would take some pointers?? And I also know he was in constant contact with our PL, when he responded...so no communication was not the issue before the game. During the game was a totally different issue. We had to TELL command what we were doing because we got so frustrated not getting any orders. That's ass backwards of how a MILSIM event should be run. I am not going to rehash everything that has been said, but I will say Operation Blacksheep At Shelby was in fact the "perfect" OP for a lot of Louisiana players. I have been playing for quite some time and it was the best game by far. Saying AMS at Shelby is even comparable is a huge understatement. When I pay that kind of money, I expect a good game. This was a huge failure guys. Butters (Trevor Buttery)
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  13. So I do not see any more tickets for sale....is this event sold out or is there a glitch in the system?? Thanks, Butters
  14. Wait they got ride of the barracks?? And thats a big 10-4 on the OPORDS. Either way is fine with me. Can't wait. This site has so many good things about it. Thermal cameras, smoke, sound, etc.....ooppppss. Spoiler!
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