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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Have they cut it off all together without warning? I thought we had time still
  2. What if not all tickets are sold? We still have time, but hypothetically what if one side has a numerical advantage? I was just wondering this as it is taking a while for CoST tickets to sell and I kinda don't wanna show up and be grossly outnumbered. Just wonder what the thoughts were on this.
  3. Gotta watch those assault bayonets lol
  4. I completely agree. That is why I wanted to ask. At my field it is a lot smaller so everyone knows its ok. The game management issue is definetly something that makes it unusable. I could see people getting into tons of arguments with me because they will think it is blindfire, and an admin cannot always be their to resolve it. So for sure the mirror stays home. Thank you so much for your time in helping with this matter.
  5. The mirror attaches to the sights. You have to see your target to hit anything just like if you were looking down sight. So being able to see your target means it is in no way blind fire. Chances are as soon as you point it around the corner there will be 5 or 6 guys shooting at you so it is not as useful as you think it would be, but like I said it does have its advantages.
  6. I think for milsim it should be in place but for average games no. Also some sort of "medic" system for the weapon or like a cool down time. It would be interesting to see that happen as very few people actually ever switch to their sidearm unless made to.
  7. The gun may be immune to fire but my hands are not. I still have to hold the weapon out and find my target and then fire. It takes long enough for someone to hit me in the hand. Plus the fact that it sucks to get shot in the hands so ya. I feel that the punishment and the reward are pretty equal. Like I said if the admins say no. That's fine with me I want to be sure.
  8. Thank you very much for your time in considering this matter. I must not have reviewed the ruleset as thoroughly as I thought. I will have no trouble at all if it is decided it is against the rules as it is only equipment and should not be value so highly.
  9. I do see your point, but I certainly don't see equipment like this ending airsoft. It isn't as effective as it seems. Trust me I have used it on many occasions. What I have found is more than anything it helps me not get shot at point blank from guys around the corner. People really don't surrender kill where I play so it is helpful for that. As well as situations when you are pinned and cannot move/fire back because a guy with a highcap is holding down the trigger. Has it's benefits and its drawbacks, after all it is just a piece of equipment. If you are not good it will not help you. Just wanted to know what the admins think of it before I bring it out and look silly. Thanks for the input though.
  10. I have reviewed the ruleset and did not see anything about gun hits or blind fire. Now from experience I know that gun hits generally don't count and blind fire is forbidden, but since nothing was on the ruleset page and this will be my first OP with AMS I was curious how you guys handle such things. Also on the topic of blind fire I have a mirror device that allows me to see around corners without exposing myself. Is that allowed or not? Link to said mirror system http://www.evike.com/products/39616/
  11. Uriel113

    CoST pride

    From my experience that has been the case. I wear OD, but most of the people that I play with wear multicam and marpat and generally have the better gear. Just a personal observation not trying to call anyone out, honest. I think it has more to do with time than anything. And am hoping we will have a full roster come game time
  12. Uriel113

    CoST pride

    I look at it this way. Most hardcore milsim players tend to go for the country they are from, being mostly U.S. This being so the majority of these players will be tan based in their uniform patterns. Players with "greens" tend to be less experience/serious about milsim. However I would not underestimate us. All in all I think the tickets will sell just fine in the long run as we still have 2 months. No worries people.
  13. From what I have heard the barracks are gone (actually demoed)
  14. Is the CACTF area also an area of play or just a staging area?
  15. As far as I know registration opens on the 19th so more info will be available then. I'm new here but I just wanna be helpful
  16. Thank you very much for the quick response. There will be at least 3 of us there for sure! One more question though, do photographers have to pay? He would not be playing just filming.
  17. I saw the prices for the tickets and was wondering if they are for 1 day or for the whole weekend. I am hoping the whole weekend because that is pretty expensive for 1 day of play. Also if it is for the weekend will there be on site facilities for resting or can you camp out nearby. I am new to this and VERY excited. Sorry if this post is a problem. :/
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