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  1. hey I saw the approved pyro grenade listing and saw TAG R2BS on there.....were the R2BM variant allowed?
  2. We wanted to see how you guys were going to handle regulators for hpa setups. At previous ops they would put tamper proof tape or use a zip tie to "lock" the regulators
  3. i like the idea of just tan and green.....either OD/woodland or tan/tri color.....lol just my 2 cents
  4. Hey i have a G&G G96 gas sniper im looking to sell or trade. i have one non leaking mag and scope for it. it has been a good rifle just dont use it enough! looking for 180.00 or open to possible trades! I plan on bringing it to Ironclad next month. Not looking to ship, so either anyone in the pensacola/destin area of Florida or anyone heading to ironclad! I can't post pics right now currently but if you want some you can hit me up at (618)558-6547 and i will get you some! thanks!!!
  5. ok i just know a few of the guys are planning on wearing helmets but the rest will be boonie or ballcap....
  6. we were looking for better clarification......do all squad members have to run the exact same head gear or as long as color is the same its ok?
  7. I still like the everyone bring 2 bandages and the medic for each squad holds all of them and when he is out the squad has to go back and respawn together
  8. lol i figured as much......lol im not going to pull my rear up a building just thought i would ask to see if i would need to watch out for guys doing it to get behind us etc.........
  9. hey would grappling hooks be allowed? lol just a random question!
  10. LOL if your medic gets hit first i guess u get no respawns and when u are hit u are out lol
  11. i would say an way for the medic to handle revives would be just have every player bring 2 bandages and each squad give all bandages to medic then he just has 20 respawns once all bandages used entire squad has to repawn..............not complaining about the current medic rule just offering suggestion!
  12. I would say that yes defenders have an advantage....but refering to medics inside....the attackers would have also have a medic inside (in theory) so there really wouldnt be an advantage in that sense....both attackers and defenders could both medic back in 2 times.....sounds pretty fair on both sides to me...... i like the idea of letting medics revive inside.......seems more realistic!!!
  13. can you guys move Tyrant from rifleman to squad leader for 2-4?
  14. hey i have a buddy who wants to run a support weapon (most likely an RPK) but we were uncertain on how the mags would work..... can he only carry box/drum mags or could he carry the large bananna hicaps for it to?
  15. What positions can be utilized in the basic squads? i assume each squad will have a medic position and a squad leader position...... can a sqaud have a sniper with them?
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