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  1. So would a CoSt uniform and all CB gear be confusing?
  2. I hear bad things about TMC, but if you could get Rasputin and Flyye gear that would be amazing. Flyye needs to be more accessible in the U.S.
  3. Nice! Looks like it was lots of fun! I introduced a few my friends into the sport and they play with me today.
  4. I love wearing a big belt AND Plate Carrier and I set them up so I could wear either one together or independently and be completely sufficient and have a fully functioning loadout provided my rifle is on a sling. I dont have the setup yet, but Ive seen people run very big and extensive belt setups. If you buy a good belt to start off with and good pouches, you can have literally all the MOLLE occupied and it not be impractical or slow you down. A good belt is always good for whatever your doing and I recommend having a belt setup you can use alone or with in conjunction with a PC or some other 2nd line. A good belt will work well with a chest rig or PC, at that point its preference and usage and thats up to you. Or you could go the other way like most people(and real life operators) and build your 2nd line to all your specs and then have a belt for extras or backups you dont exactly need within reason. Either way will work and look great, but I like the route ofhaving a complete loadout just on my belt and wearing a PC set up the same way so I can ditch either one and be completely combat effective in combat and survival departments. ALso having a redundant yet practical setup like this ensures you can have two of everything exceptfor your weapons like IFAKs and accessories. If course, my belt wouldnt have an exact copy, but still have the same things,but smaller and in smaller amounts, like a small med kit and a few mags.
  5. Im more defensive than anything. I work well with others and I liketo move up and cover. Im not good at all at rushing or being super accurate and I have the worst luck when alone. I try hard but I suck at getting kills since i cant aim well with my mesh right. I have a super bright Streamlight HL3 and it blinds people and is so bright its hard to tell where I am even at an angle. It only helps with my more supressive nature as I can keep people down or occupied whille better players get the kills. Im really thinking about getting a SAW later on since Im so good at suppression.
  6. Ah,another Tennessean! Welcome to the forums bud. And as Specs said, ask any questions.
  7. for the gopro part I think an Anker would fit. Airsoftlology John runs one in a EOG vertical counterweight but I dont know the dimensions. Anker makes rectangular ones that might fit. Theyare also pretty cheap and have a large MaH. You also could just run a phone power bank. Like the cylindrical or rectangular ones too.
  8. Disciple 4


    No they arent allowed. Eye pro MUST be full seal(you couldnt wear M Frames either unless you have a Helo kit installed but I think you must have the bungee kit too. I suggest ESS goggles. They can be bought for extremely cheap and work very well. Spare lenses are easy to get too.
  9. Im building a Frankentorque motor and I have all the parts inorder except the actual armature. Im looking for a Chaoli and I cant find one. Brill Armory normally has one but their Motor Parts section is only one item. I know that DBOYS and CYMA motors have them. Anyone know of motor that is cheap that has a Chaoli armature in it?
  10. The petition ends tommorrow. Whats going happen? Senator Ghost gun 30 caliber rounds per minute clip De Leon needs to get it through court or something before it becomes on the table(and the news)?
  11. Maybe the helmet in a neoprene bag(like the ones paintball masks come in) or another dump pouch that you can seal with a pull cord or something to keep it inside but easy access if you want it.
  12. I signed as well, I dont know the full depth, but Imost certainly dont want it to be like the whole craze over "Assault weapons" and magazine capacity.
  13. Saving up for the Flyye Land CIRAS in Khaki pouch set

  14. Welcome! Hope you have a fun time here! Make sure to remember the rules and regs for safety.
  15. Welcome! Hopefully you'll be able to sttend some AMS events!
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