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    Jammer got a reaction from AlizaKhan in Moving: Farewell with Haka   
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    Jammer reacted to TheJP in Best/Cheap No Fog Full Seal Goggles? Thanks!   
    Just throwing this out there...
    Best and Cheap typically don't run together well.
    Good, safe, CLEAR vision on the battlefield is a KEY to being competitive and it's worth an investment. The only foolproof way to go is a exhausted Goggle system. 
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    Jammer got a reaction from Dave in Recover Tactical rail system for 1911   
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    Jammer reacted to TheJP in AMS Gang has been busy...   
    Brain trust has been working hard over the holidays...I think you will really enjoy what American Milsim has in store for you come 2014.
    I am looking forward to another crazy, awesome, cold, hot, swamp, humid, OMFG a nuclear reactor, AMS:E.... kinda year in 2014.
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    Jammer reacted to TheJP in LBX Tactical   
    M81....M81...M81... and the new Crye MC schemes. I have some great ideas for the 6094 as I am sure Frosty does, for a small commission I can help you make sure nothing "sucks".

    Woodland is gonna be the new Multicam after the LS movie.
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    Jammer got a reaction from TheJP in Recover Tactical rail system for 1911   
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    Jammer reacted in Recover Tactical rail system for 1911   
    Oh man... must have. Interesting way of adding color, protecting the frame, and adding an under rail. Hoping mine is compatible.
    Not a bad price tag either at $50, and as it's not permanent, it's easily transferrable between 1911's.
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    Jammer reacted to MAYO in Ranks In Airsoft   
    The following was posted on AMS's facebook by 

    "Guys and Gals. This is a very sensitive topic and we as a community must recognize this and do what we can to prevent it. Please feel free to share and lets give our men and women the respect they truly deserve. Thanks!
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83psR_d7xMI "

    So I figured I'd post it here with my response so that everyone, including AMS, can get a nice little read.

    Why? Because I'm so egotistical that I think everyone needs to know what I say...or because I think this is a stupid fucking subject that started because some douchebag felt insecure. Anyway, my reply:

    "This is stupid.
    Stop putting Rank on a pedestal. Just stop.

    Should people walk around in today wearing rank on their clothing because they think it's fashionable? No.
    Should airsofters use rank to setup chain of commands in airsoft. Why the hell not.

    Airsoft, if any community, respects veterans obviously. But rank is not some magical item that was earned with blood and sweat like some of you believe.

    As a prior service member I can tell you this: getting rank is pretty random person to person. People gain ranks by having enough points. The amount of points needed to achieve your next rank is determined by your MOS, their need, and how many people are in that MOS.
    Person A could be a total piece of shit and gets SSG because his points are only 350 or whatever.
    While on the other hand Person B is an AMAZING leader and excells at EVERYTHING and can't get SSG because his points are maxed out at almost 800 points.

    The Salvation Army uses rank for God sakes.

    The only people I can think of who bitch about rank are either 1) People who want to make their rank more important to everyone else because it's SO important to them, to feel special, etc, and 2) People who get swept away by the people in group 1.

    Do men and women in the military die during their service? Yes. But they're also wearing combat gear, which we're wearing as well. It's fucking fabric. Christ.

    Rank patches mean absolutely nothing. Wearing a Captain's bar doesn't make you a real army captain. Just like how running around airsofting doesn't make you a fucking soldier; OBVIOUSLY.

    Rank is there for a chain of command. That is it. AMS uses CO, XO, 1SG in their OPs yes says they think rank should be left out? Literally one of those positions IS A RANK.

    The ONLY patches I see a problem with are Special forces, rangers, combat patches, etc.

    To finish it up, soldiers are soldiers and in no way will I ever believe that a Major in the Army is more important than a Private in the Army. Both are soldiers. And unfortunately, this is usually what it REALLY comes down to. If people were wearing Private and Specialist patches, no one would give a fuck.

    So stop. Please. Just stop.

    AMS, and every other milsim event organizer, PLEASE implement ranks into your gameplay more and please do not give into small thinking. You're where you're at because you aren't a small thinker."
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    Jammer reacted to Big Candy in OP: Blood Trade - March 1st & 2nd, 2014   
    With the news that another OP will conflict with Blood Trade,
    (an OP which shall not be named, but it happens at the END of winter in another STATE that isnt Texas, and the AO happens to be located off a small ROUTE in that particular state)  
    We are going to move the date of the OP back to April 5th.  That way there will be enough time to allow people to recuperate financially and physically.
    Hope to see everyone out there!
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    Jammer reacted to Runt511 in Good Bye Glock, Hello Sig P226   
    So I recently ditched my Glock 22 and got a Sig P226 (.40 Cal) and I could not be happier with my decision. Now only if my HSP INCOG Holster in Typhon would show up, I would be a happy little camper. Photos soon to come.
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    Jammer reacted to TheJP in I know its a little early to be asking   
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    Jammer reacted to TheJP in Kryptek Stencils   
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    Jammer reacted to The Rick in Kastway Store at Reindeer Games   
    Got it!  You West Texas boys need to come to more events!
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    Jammer reacted to dot in Facebook Rant   
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    Jammer reacted to TheJP in AMS @ GTI for Faded Giant II   
    Wow, that was amazingly funny and yet embarrassing at the same time.
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    Jammer reacted to Big Candy in Facebook Rant   
    The main problem is that "milsim" is mostly just a hip word that people use to think that they are something they are not.  There is a mentality of "I bought a JPC, i wear an Ops-Core, and i look exactly like whatever special forces group I am trying to mimic looks like, so i must be a badass".  However that mentality is also followed with "hold my hand and walk me through this and that, tell me what to do, as long as its cool, and fun, and there are multiple photo-ops', and let me carry 6k rounds on me and re-load whenever i feel the need", as well as "im tired and when is lunch".  
    Mayo is absolutely correct that the vast majority of people could not handle the strain (both mental and physical) of what true "milsim" would entail.  

    As far as leadership goes, 99% of the time I wholeheartedly feel that leadership (and admins, sponsors, etc) receive the butt of blame when those people that are not prepared feel that their own ill-preparedness (which is OBVIOUSLY NOT there own fault!), to blame someone other than themselves.

    AMS does what they do very well.  They are not perfect, but then again, nothing is.  I enjoy going to their OPs, they have incredible locations that many people would not have access too.  There is no way that many of these locations would be accessible if it wasn't for the middle of the road mindset they have, when it comes to airsoft vs milsim.  The pool gets shallow when you go to extremes, either speed-ball type airsoft, or very real military simulation.

    The group I am a part of, Texas Milsim Association (shameless plug!), is going to push the "milsim" envelope (as much as is feasible), with overnight and non-stop OPs this next year.  We understand that it will not appeal to everyone, so we understand that our numbers might be a little lower than the same style OP we did last year.  It all simply depends on the group you are trying to pull in and the goals you are trying to achieve.
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    Jammer reacted to Dave in Facebook Rant   
    Some CoST squad leaders (and myself) had problems with Baeofengs failing to transmit.  I dropped that off and picked up an extra Icom and had no trouble after that.
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    Jammer reacted to MAYO in Facebook Rant   
    First, sorry I couldn't make it to Faded Giant II. Really wanted to but had some family medical issues.

    Secondly, the following is from a facebook group that I'll spare you guys the majority of the posts and paraphrase the post and replies. Basically, someone asked if Faded Giant II was good. Yes, no, etcs. Then the topic kind of went left and right and started going over whether AMS is MilSim or not, bad leadership, etc.

    Below is just my opinion that I posted within the group and thought I'd share with you guys here that aren't a part of that group.

    Some might not like it, but I know some of you have nothing else to do but read forums (Dave) so whatever. I try to be as impartial as possible when commenting on the subject.

    Anyway, here you go.


    Illl give a bit of history on my part. I've ran on the COST command (XO) several times and have spent a lot of time prior to AMS's creation with some of the owners of AMS. I will admit that there is a chance my opinions are partial towards AMS as I'm friends with some of the staff. 

    Couple of topics ill hit on. 

    First one being is is AMS MilSim? I'd say no. AMS is a business and right now in the airsoft community loosely team based games with simplistic objectives sell really well. Games that are more true to MilSim can do well, but not everywhere has that kind of crop to pull from.
    The definition of MilSim isn't a really definite at all and is pretty objective.
    Many people claim to be MilSim that really don't do a lot of MilSim stuff, including myself. Mostly due to the fact there aren't options available locally.
    Never been to a MSW game unfortunately. I plan to in the future, but unfortunately isn't a possibility at this time.
    I'd also like to attend East Wind at some point.

    The second biggest thing is a lot of people think MilSim is DevGru super Ranger Osama raids. All day err day. In reality most operations are built on hours and hours, days, or even months of intel gathering before raids are conducted. Not commenting on the movies quality, but the movie Zero Dark Thirty is a good movie to watch to get an idea of what I'm saying. 90% of the movie is intelligence gathering, 9% credits, and 1% pew pew.
    Most normal people say they want this but have problems when they haven't shot at anything in the last 10 minutes. A lot of people want to shoot, not operate. There is a reason why games like Call of Duty sell so much better than games like ARMA. So when you want large games or you want to make large amounts of money, you go psuedo milsim. It appeals to a larger crowd. 

    The next problem is that everyone on the field has respawns and is actively aware of enemy presence. In the real world raids are usually conducted on enemies that are unaware of the appending assault and in situations that are heavily favored by us, the raiders. This is why SpecOps raids are held during the night a lot. We are one of the only few organized forces with such good night vision technology. 
    So, there is nothing fair about this. However, as a product, you can't just tell one team " lol sorry, you're fucked". You also can't expect someone to pay $100 and go home the first time they're shot.

    So how do you fix that? Longer respawns, make the players play out everything, immersion, land nav, 3 day packs, etc, etc, etc. But unless you get the dedicated to show up, people complain it's too boring. #1 rule of any business, can't please everyone. #2, you don't sell a product anymore, you sell an experience. Some people want different experiences.

    Next thing would be leadership, which kind of falls back into part one of this rant. The player base is just barely capable of holding enough cohesion together to be manipulated by a commanding element. Even so, as the command staff, we have to worry about things like the player's fun. We've had quite a few people comment on how 'command sucked', and when we asked them why they would tell us things like "we stayed in 1 spot the whole game", "they couldn't hear us on the radio", "they were yelling/rude", or "they told us to do something stupid that got me killed"
    In reality though, we needed a rear guard. 360 security is pretty MilSim imo, ha, they had cheap FRS/GMRS radios despite us recommending UHF radios beforehand, we are yelling because people don't listen, and in the real world not every grunt gets to share their opinion with the General or whatever.
    A large majority of people want the game revolving around what they're doing, not what the team as a whole is doing.

    I know that while on the Command Staff, the CO and I would call people up, setup video conferences, etc, etc weeks before the OP. Sometimes though we aren't given much by the event organizers, so we don't have much to tell. Most games you're given objectives during the game, etc.

    I've heard a few people go to games and call it 'MilSim' even outside of AMS and I could tell from the description it wasn't MilSim..just something a bit different. Which isn't wrong obviously. People want things mixed up.

    I wouldn't blame the leadership or call them bad per say. Are they the best? I doubt it. I know I'm not the best leader. Most of the time it's the best they can do though since this isn't the real military (aka, you don't have to follow their orders)
    If I could pick out one thing that kills leadership the most, it's the player's egos. I can't tell you how many times I've told Person A to go do something, only for them to 'nod'/'agree' then do something else. Then they get frustrated when I tell them again, and again. I've seen people just walk off before. People want the Osama raids. They don't want to be sheep for the slaughter. Unfortunately, to win a large conflict, this happens.

    I also think perspective is important to remember.
    Someone here said earlier that at BHII that Tan had secured almost all the of the objectives and so on the first day. Always another side to every coin. Again, being the XO, I had a bit more of an idea of how CoST forces were doing than most others.
    The first day we purposefully pulled everyone back because we had also scored all our objectives (not all objectives are shared, obviously) but also, we had captured all the respawns as well as sacked the Tan FOB (the whole FOB situation was a mistake on AMS, and I wish I could have found the CoST flag to give to the Tan guys who later did that to us but got 'god handed' by the Admins). I heard a lot of trash talk (read: Jesting) from Tan player, which is fine, they're having fun, but we were routinely asked to pull back, had been told that we were spawn camping Tan, had Tan surrounded at the Airfield, and were going to have CDF transfer over to UFS side (which we were already outnumbered mind you). Etc, Etc, Etc.

    Again though, perspective. I doubt anyone really knew anything of what was going on other than "go here, shoot this" if you weren't in some sort of leadership position.

    Anyway, I hope you guys won't just complain here. I hope you guys will send AMS some messages on Facebook with suggestions, wants, problems, etc. You can't expect something to grow in the direction you want without giving it feedback. If enough people complain about X then any company would likely change X.

    #sorryfortherant #ifeelgaysometimesusinghashtags

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    Jammer got a reaction from Metal in AMS @ GTI for Faded Giant II   
    It will do what starting Wednesday????  Man the 13th suddenly not looking like a great day...........
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    Jammer reacted to TheJP in RAP-4 "Under body armor shirt"   
    I can tell you that Propper Combat tops while awesome should be labeled as "COLD WEATHER" only. Man not only can you not roll the sleeves up past your fore arms they are incredible warm and absorb moisture instead of wicking it.
    Propper TACU in Summer = BAD
    Propper TACU in Winter = GOOD
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    Jammer reacted to TheJP in Operation East Wind 7 March 8-16 2014   
    East Wind is soooo bad ass. Swayze the EW staff really do an amazing job in replicate that time period.
    If you can I really suggest hitting it up.
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    Jammer reacted to Aswayze in Operation East Wind 7 March 8-16 2014   
    Lots of guys talk about a modern day version of this but it's not as easy as it might seem.  
    Fact is the gear is going to cost the individual player even more.  PASGT is cheap compared to an IBA and a ACH helmet nevermind trying to round up the current issue gore-tex and such.   
    On the Admin end, we have vehicles on top of vehicles for East Wind mostly because the vehicles we need are coming out of service now.  We couldn't really use any of them for a modern themed event and with the amount of money we have spent on all that we currently have we might be able to swing 1 Humvee and even that is borderline out of place for a modern themed event.  
    Timing wise, the cold war really is the sweet spot for getting the gear both on the individual end and on the event end.  
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    Jammer got a reaction from TheJP in GTI Directions and Information   
     Get in the truck, drive for a really, really long time. go through these gates to this really bad ass place like no other on the plante!!
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    Jammer reacted in Ideas for Team Names   
    I think a huge trend and rightful naming convention for most teams is to derive a name from their founding location. My team for example is OMM (Ozark Mountain Milsim) as we are based in Northwest Arkansas near the Ozark Mountain range.
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    Jammer reacted to TheJP in A Taste...   
    Little taste of what you missed if you didn't make it to BLUE/GREY.

    Video courtesy of Gregory Wong.
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