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  1. Possible back from the MIA list gentleman. Thought I would drop in and say hi. Might be looking at hitting something later this year. Till then Ill just chill in the shadows as usual!! Jammer
  2. They have sold out of their first run of these. Lead time on these is looking like 2+ mouths. If you are a 1911 guy for concel carry or Milsims, this is an out standing mod!!!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPzZkvYYQaM
  4. I was not at FG2, but I was at FG1. If these teams and player cant read the AAR's from the previous year and gather all the intell they can about the AO from past player and issue's, then any issue's that falls apon them is at their own fault. We had two guys at FG2, I set with one of them and went over as many things as I could remember about every little detail that myself and one other encounter at FG1. If these guys broght push-2-talk radio's, (POINTING AND LAUGHING) , then way to go dumb asses. Last year Com's where a issue. We all knew it was going to be. Pissit, Pissit hey you, Im going to tell you something. ITS A NUCLEAR FACILITY!!!!!! And some how its AMS's fault that they came unprepared. Im no better of a player than the next guy, truth is I spend my time running back to respawn so I can run my ass back to the fight just to do it all over. But WE COME REALLY FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS!!!!
  5. It will do what starting Wednesday???? Man the 13th suddenly not looking like a great day...........
  6. Directions: Get in the truck, drive for a really, really long time. go through these gates to this really bad ass place like no other on the plante!!
  7. Jammer

    FPS limits

    If the rule set is the same as last year, 400 fps for rifleman, NO full auto indoors, No mini engagement. This a for the big boys, face and neck protection is recomamded. I would check with AMS staff and the rule set when it comes out.
  8. Jammer

    FPS limits

    Ya, mine was off as well. They had no idea!!
  9. Jammer

    FPS limits

    Ive been to a few of AMS events, (6), I was not basing Op against OP. No one can touch AMS on that scale. I over spent on a bad Op not put on AMS and I am regreting it . I am trying to work my magic , if all go's well..
  10. Jammer

    FPS limits

    I want to go, but not sure im going to make it after the flop in Perry. Hope to see you guys there!
  11. This place is just bad ass, and with full use of the second building it is going to be crazy. I a blast last year with some epic CQB encounters! Pitch black room to room fighting, stair wells, three story tall platforms and lets not for get the ghosts...........
  12. I think it moved a little when the black hawk showed up!!
  13. Wish I had some popcorn! This is getting good..............
  14. Oh my, might have to look into this!!
  15. Thank you Gentleman for the input! This is not intended to get in to shooting habits or skill debate. This is for a few quick sight replacements idea's. Thank you all for the input.
  16. Thanks Spec.and JP, I will look in to them both.
  17. Mayo, I the end game is going to be a eotech of some sort I just want something for now. something to run drill work with. Thanks for the input.
  18. All, I am looking for a real steal rifle sight for AR-15 build i am working on. I know eotech is the first choice but i dont really want to drop 500 right now for a sight. I am looking for a few alternatives that i can run entill i can pick up a higher end sight. Any input is welcome. Thanks: Jammer
  19. Parts 1 and 2 are on youtube. Very cool.
  20. If all the building in the video would be playable this mite be pretty sweet!!
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