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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.

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  1. Here's my RDG trailer I got together today. Stay posted on my YouTube page for gameplay videos in the near future. Thanks for an awesome event.
  2. Any chance there's a Contour and a Vanaras PTW in there?
  3. That's what I mean by discrepancies. Something seems really off on how things went down on the start of day 2.
  4. Right, I'm already aware of that but what I'm say is there's a discrepancy on what happened that day. Whether that admins removed the CP at Caen or CoST may have been given an earlier start compared to UFS.
  5. Well with all due respect we believe CoST had a head start compared to UFS. One of our guys, the fastest runner we had for UFS, sprinted to Coleville when the admin said to go and by the time he just made it the the treelines that seperate the Airfield and Coleville, he said he already spotted CoST on the road in front of Coleville.
  6. During the first day I lost both items in a field with tall grass near styrofoam barricades on the outskirts of a treeline. They're both painted khaki with snakeskin pattern on top.
  7. Good to see more interested people back home. I'm originally from Southaven, MS but I use to play in the Memphis area a lot when it was extremely popular a few years ago.
  8. Well unfortunately if I had spent an extra second to correct my direction to go for the open window it would have gone off in my hand as you can see I barely had time to drop it. Again, I said I was sorry for breaking the window and I had a game staff witness the whole thing. His main concern was my hand and not the window.
  9. So far I've seen some trailers and I'm happy to know people are getting videos out. Here's my version and I do hope you enjoy it.
  10. Not always. In this case me breaking the window to throw out the grenade was more known than as opposed to if I were to jump on it. I was planning to shoot some more CoST afterwards, but they got butthurt I did that so I called myself out anyways.
  11. I was going to jump on it but I saw the window and why sacrafice myself when it's right there, you know?
  12. Ah, I just realized it's a ThunderB. I kept thinking it was a TAG grenade for some reason.
  13. I heard some people talking about me smashing a window and tossing a grenade back. Well, it was the only logical thing to do at the time so I did it. I apologize for breaking it, but it does look pretty sick. EDIT: Grenade was a ThunderB therefore it did not kill the sender. Thanks for clearing it up!
  14. Okay, time to finally put her up for good. WTS: Crye AVS and AVS low profile belt (please read carefully) Not every item is for sale and I will not split from this list. AVS Harness (medium) Standard platebags (medium) Three band skeletal cummerbund (small/medium) Molle flap, detachable Pouch Zip-on panel AVS shoulder pads 2x Crye 5.55/7.62/MBITR Crye GP 6x6x3 Asking $725 shipped. All retails for $849.79 AVS low profile belt Asking $155 shipped. Retails $199.30. Buy both the AVS and belt and I will lower it a bit more and include some items free of charge. In the States only.
  15. I actually lost mine when I took it off and placed it in my pouch.
  16. I just recently got the GoPro Hero3+ Silver and I love it. I want to say CoST won this one, but I'm going to wait until they tally up the points.
  17. I believe USAirsoft was another one out there. https://www.facebook.com/USAirsoftTexas
  18. Finally finished my AMS RDG13. I hope you guys enjoy it and I will be uploading the series over time so keep an eye out on my channel if you want to follow it. ENJOY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOynJRhdBNA
  19. I'm not exactly sure. Luckily I got in contact with Frosty and he helped me out.
  20. Woops,somehow I missed this. You're saying Frosty should have it right now?
  21. I was afraid no one found it out there, but oh well! And it's a pleasure seeing you here, 3PERCENTER.
  22. I hate to say this but I lost a lot while I was out and about at the AO. If you have spotted any of these items and you have it please contact me. They were expensive. Surefire HL1-TN-C with ARC rail mount (Fell off my Crye Airframe) Brand new KAC QD suppressor (bought it brand new at Kastaway on Sunday morning) Please help a brother out. Thank you.
  23. Well I was actually with the UFS commandos. We made it out safely.
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