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  1. Over the past weekend, Coalition and Federal forces engaged in a three day battle for the town of Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Thanks to the valiant efforts of our brave men and women, the Federal advance was halted in its tracks. Federal forces initially pushed through Wyandotte, only to be stopped by Coalition defenders as a counterattack cut the Federal supply lines. Coalition special forces managed to infiltrate the Federals, securing vital intelligence such as this: One member of the CoST special forces team had this to say: “The Federals were so sloppy we were able to eat our lunch in their command center. UFS troops discussed the tactical situation right outside the door, but no one bother to check insideâ€. Sources also reported that Federal armored troops were spotted committing a number of atrocities, to include intentionally engaging neutral journalists. An international commission is being organized to investigate these claims, which have been partially substantiated by video evidence posted by a wounded reporter. Federal command claims these troops acted outside of orders, but UFS propaganda leading up to the battle gives experts reason to question that statement. If so, this is further proof that UFS has no intention of abiding by the accepted laws of warfare.
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