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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. well as of this moment I am Not attending due to a Confliction in Travel Schedule and Work, im trying to work it out, i may not have a support ticket by the point that the registration closes.
  2. Yes, registration is always the day before the event officially starts, and the morning of the start of action
  3. Anyone from the Jacksonville area and everywhere south planning to go that has an open seat in their vehicle and doesn't mind filling it with someone? Edit, who also wouldn't mind waiting on someone with a support staff ticket.
  4. I would like to request a map of the AO and the general area around it so i know exactly whats playable, theres alot of crap around that area that looks populated. Thanks guys
  5. Is the Enola Gaye Frags and Flashbangs allowed in future events? i dont see any reference to them in the ruleset.
  6. who knows why people spend 24$ on 2 tourniquets. lets just be thankful we are not at the point of using Simunitions to play. those hurt like a bitch. so real emergencies would be bound to happen.
  7. or just end up like me running 7 190rd mags at 1330 rounds. with 3 pistol mags and never run out LOL (no joke there actually)
  8. So whats the Headwear for Sierra Dynamics? and whats the backstory on the Faction?
  9. I know it says 7 Magazine Limit, but is that applicable to the Primary Weapon? or for Primary and sidearm? its important to know so i can figure if i want to run a sidearm or not.
  10. did anyone check UFS Fob? pretty Sure that Description matches the FRAGO Dummy that UFS had on Sunday
  11. LOST: Red Dead Rag with a big black palm Print "TAKOPS 6" Writting in Russian Lettering. It is a Limited Edition Dead Rag made only for those of the Black Hand from Tacops 6 Hosted by MGP at CSentri in Orlando in 2011. EDIT: This is a very Prized Possession of mine and have never really played airsoft without it. i would like it back as soon as possible. if found prior to 7th and you are in the north east florida or near I75 Northbound toward Tennessee, i will stop by to pick up my Item. Much Appreciated.
  12. i am trying to find a hookup to buy pretty much 1 of all TMC Multicam Tropic, Multicam Original, and Ranger Green, Gear pouches and other items. you cant buy directly from TMC unless you are a Retail Seller, or Company. Our new Field has yet to set up with a local Gear Maker, as our field is still being built. He is limited to what he can make. Be it Kydex Holsters or Pistol Magazine Holsters, and the Cordura Type Products. (He makes gear for the SF Troops and Paratroopers as well as local and Nationwide SWAT Teams.) hes been in this business for about 15 years along side with being a P.I. but we are also hoping to start selling some TMC Sport Gear. Does anyone know how good TMC gear is? or how much it takes to buy direct?
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