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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Question #1) I've been searching this AMS Forum, AMS Facebook, CoST Community for CoST Rosters where we usually find it before. I've been out of the AMS loop for a while. Where can this be found? Question #2) Is this site still legitimate? It appears it has been "infiltrated" by marketing ads. Thanks! Glad to be back! George
  2. Good to see you again XA Adan! Bring some 6 pyro grenades for me please. GeorgeT
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  4. Hey JP, Thanks for all the answers. I'm playing with my wife's nephew whom I would be guardian. Looking forward to seeing you all again after a long break! George
  5. Hey Slab! Played under you during last OPBH IV. I was wondering if 2 of us could "squeeze" into some squad as riflemen. I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. Uzi does it. Invented for close quarters fighting.
  7. I totally agree with Specs that target identification (part of S-A-L-U-T-E) is a reality in combat experience. I myself had the mistake of identifying CoST member in FG ATACs as UFS as it looks similar from a distance. This resulted in a wrong report to uppers and I was made fun of. Time to get me some good Steiners!
  8. ZEROX54321, it's good to read about your experience. You were probably one of those guys who came down from FOB to CP9 close to noon on 24May2015. Let me tell you how glad we were to see all of you come down since there were only 4 of us at CP9 and we could have been overrun quickly. Past noon we had a UFS 4-gun POV showing up and raining us with BBs until it was disabled, ran out of ammo, rockets and neutralized by guys who came down from FOB. The rest of my day on Day 1 was spent securing the perimeter around CP9 watching the road up to FOB by myself. I got separated from my squad by accident and left by myself in the woods still staring at that road like a hawk. Good thing I stayed as I later found myself watching a UFS POV crew manipulate the timer and flag which could have left CoST believing that CP9 was still under CoST control. I wasn't aware of my patience and deeply ingrained military discipline until the end of the day. Never leave your post until relieved. I could have stood under that CoST flag with a bolt-action rifle, bayonet and stood stiffly Civil War style Day 2 was even rougher hauling that mobile respawn unit in rain and mud. There was even tiny fish on the water running along the ruts on the road. Fight near Pegasus Bridge was awesome. I ran out of ammo, grenades and my bucking failed. Sincerely, I hope you make it back to Rebel Yell. It's usually held at Camp Gruber also here in OK and it's a military base. If you need a place to stay just post here. By the way, love your state especially Seattle, Bellingham and Spokane.
  9. Found: 1 M4 Midcap Magazine, 1 AK47/74 Magazine, 1 Scope Cover (Clear & Yellow Filter) Location found: CoST Mobile Respawn Unit near Pegasus Bridge (all inside drum) Time found: 24May2015 SUN Around 1:15-1:30pm (1315H-1330H) Last known whereabouts of Items: Turned over to AMS Staff on ATV during raffle around 1500H-1600H 24May2015 SUN. Sorry teammates but the Mobile Respawn Unit had to be moved under orders from the CO during the firefight close to Pegasus Bridge. I had to stick those items under my BDU shirt and I hope you get them back.
  10. I totally agree with DirtPro. I met Dave Roever once and he does help a lot of injured vets both spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Helping an injured vet has to be both from the inside and outside. Inspite of his pretty messed up face, fake hair and ear, the guy is super funny. If the vet has lost his legs, he got them to wear pants with Velcro seats so they could stay on the saddle of a horse to go horseback riding. He visited troops in Iraq and got to sit on Saddam's chair himself. He has a genuine heart for injured vets.
  11. I'm sure glad a bunch of people are aware of safety. It does pay to have some training. I'm also glad we got a genuine Medic in Doc Dodge with us. Last year a guy got his arm messed up in a gully and I just heard for screams of "Corpsman!". There were players who real medics who responded to him. He made it okay. With years of experience in mountaineering, rescue, disaster response, and the military I always pack a basic first aid kit with me in a Ziploc bag in all games.
  12. Welcome Rainey! You will like the Milsim events a lot plus the community is awesome.
  13. A day-and-a-half pack specifically designed to carry a hydration pack separately from the main compartment. The reason for this is to prevent the bladder from being punctured by contents in the main pack. The ones that I know that will do this in rugged conditions are the USMC Marpat and US Army Multicam packs. Camelbak may have some too. Downside is all these are pricey and I guess a Condor would probably meet your need. Doc Dodge's advise is worth considering. I too am an avid hiker, mountaineer and runner. I myself might carry a small daypack but will keep it to essentials only. You would be running with it through hills, gullies, forests with your weapon and even hauling it up a deuce-and-a-half with which they transport players to the field, and sometimes use for insertions. If you intend to carry a pack just be prepared to haul it in a fight.
  14. Welcome to American Milsim T.Hurton! You mentioned you planned to attend OP BH4. When OPBH3 was held at the D-Day Adventure Park, the terrain would be rolling and would vary from open fields, forests, slopes, a little town set up. As SPECS said you would be doing a lot physically. Water is crucial at the time of year OPBH4 is held - heat, humidity. All these while wearing BDUs, combat gear and carrying a rifle. You could find yourself sweating, taking a snack while a chopper passes by overhead with some folks shooting at you! If OPBH4 is going to be held again at D-Day Adventure Park there you could camp out in a tent. Any AMS event is worth it. Welcome aboard!
  15. Welcome to American Milsim. The American Milsim events are the best airsoft battles you could play. It would consist of two opposing armies mainly the UFS army against the CoST army. Both armies would be doing tactical maneuvers to obtain certain objectives or missions. Be ready to walk or run around with weight from your rifle, magazines, grenades and hydration pack. You could find yourself out in the field, forest, defending a building or town or doing a mission on a vehicle. Your task will vary with orders from the top to your squad leader. Expect some physical challenge (which, for me, makes airsoft so much fun) with the running, crawling, rolling, and walking. I myself do some physical preparation for it :} Besides your airsoft rifle and set of magazines (check out the AMS ruleset) have a good pair of boots (at least with a 6" ankle height) to protect against sprains and debris entering your footwear. Have a good pair of full seal protective goggles to protect against BBs. Carry water (in a 2-3L hydration pack or 2 canteens). Energy bars and some snacks will help too. I can't tell much to you but I guarantee that you would enjoy it and be wanting more of it. Again, welcome to American Milsim!
  16. I hope you enjoyed OPBH3 travelling all the way from NM to OK. You are always welcome here in OK!
  17. Tell your Dad that there are 40, 50 and even 60 year olds playing this game. He can start off with a Stoner LMG.
  18. It was my first time playing at OP Broken Home 3 for CoST and it was an awesome event! I was part of the CoST teams that attacked and overran the St. Mere Eglise roadblocks and almost captured the blockhouse uphill northeast of Colleville until we were repulsed by a UFS squad reinforcement. Fighting was intense and almost heated me up until I saw this UFS guy with his Mohawk head died red (you know who you are) like a dead rag . That made me laugh, cool down, and see how hard the UFS guys were working and getting hit to defend the position. I congratulated the first UFS guy who ran up to medic his buddy next to me. Good job UFS guys! It made me think of improving tactics on how to attack a blockhouse uphill in steep terrain. It also taught me how to keep my cool under pressure. Overall, both sides did their utmost best in the heat, hills, valleys, chopper, woods. UFS put up a tough, organized fight that I always had to watch those flanking moves in whatever terrain. You earned my respect. Well done UFS! You made the games exciting, thrilling, a test of wits, endurance, brains, etc. To the AMS organizers and staff, hands down appreciation to keep such an active, thrilling sport going for all types of people. There were other airsoft players I know who weren't able to make it but my stories of OPBH3 will sure make them come over to experience future AMS events. Congratulations for a job well done! Period!
  19. In addition to above suggestions you can use a DC to AC Power Inverter on which you could plug the battery charger. These are available at automotive section at Walmart or at auto parts stores. It's very effective for charging almost all electronics. Just make sure you don't drain your car's batteries during the charging process by switching engine on once in a while.
  20. Tried everything and keep getting the Google Map error.
  21. Hello guys! My name is George and have decided on a call sign of "meerkatmogs". I have been playing airsoft for more than a year now but am new to MilSim. I play with a lot of great and dedicated guys at Snake's LZ in Skiatook, OK. I have done my part of mandatory military training back where I come from in the 70's and 80's to become part of the nation's reserve force. In college I also volunteered for rescue work, and later spent several years following my passion for trekking and mountaineering. I look forward to more adventure in MilSim and meeting new faces.
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