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  1. We had a good time as always. This was our 5th time at the ao. This is the only milsim we do. I agree the the statement above about there needing to be a good balance between milsim and Airsoft. This was our first time bringing a Pov. It was most definitely a learning experience. Comm problems are always going to be an issue at this event. That's just something everyone needs to accept. It's not always the ao or anything to do with ams. Players don't know how to program radios and or wait long enough after pushing the button before transmitting. Sometimes perfectly good radios don't talk to each other for some reason. I heard a bunch of relaying of info back to yuk due to players radios not transmitting far enough. One of our own radios could hear yuk but not transmit to him even if he was standing in front of us. Is what it is. I have three major complaints though. One the cost fob location was the worst ever. Please don't ever put it down that hill again. I drove so many people back and forth from the fob to camp who were worn out. I watched a guy get just a bit past cp7 after respawning only to get killed and have to go all the way back to the fob. Two povs. 8 povs vs 3 povs is no good lol. I know people are going to say I can't help it if people who own vehicles they are willing to take to play Airsoft want to play Ufs. That's incorrect. A faction shouldn't be outnumber by more than two povs. Give the other team the option of going green or leaving them at home. And lastly the water situation. We gave out a bunch of water sat. There was also a lot of radio chatter about groups needing water dropped off. You need to beat it into people's heads that they are responsible for being hydrated. When you make the safety videos and or other videos. Put a clip that lasts for 5 minutes of bo saying "bring your own water" repeatedly. We didn't have a problem handing out water and we will bring even more next time. Everyone should bring extra water to help out. But People need to understand that its not being provided by ams and they need to supply themselves and keep extra at camp.
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  3. Same for cost too. If someone can pm me the password. Thanks
  4. Why did you choose 3000 rounds as the limit? The m60 box mag holds 4000 rounds. Why not just say one box mag. Your either going to cut yourself short on bbs when you add them to the m60 or go over. And a lot more work to plan out a system of getting 3000 bbs per load than it should be.
  5. I enjoy myself everytime I come to this event. This is the only one we go to. And no matter the issues we always have a good time. I only have two complaints worth talking about. Camo for all factions needs to be worked on. I know everyone wants to wear multicam because it's the cool guy camo and to be honest I don't have much trouble picking it out(we are cost) but every year multicam guys talk about being killed by their own guys. My big complaint is for my own guys in atacs fg. I love the color up close, looks cool. I don't like mowing down 4 of my teammates in faded atacs fg. Looks tan from far away. Woodland and tri desert camo is what it really needs to be. There wouldn't be a question who you are shooting at and those camo patterns are super cheap. The other thing is communication on the night game needs to be better. We headed back out to the field only to be told the night game was canceled because there wasn't ebough Ufs wanting to play. Couple hours later a few guys came out of the woods telling us the night game had been on. Sucks for acouple of my guys who had nods and thermals and had been looking forward to the night game. One more thing just a extra thought. We miss the Friday night game. Bring that back.
  6. Camping is half the fun. Ride out the storm that will enviably happen with the rest of us.
  7. I'm sorry I should have been more clear. I meant the whole crate. Doesn't matter how many lock boxes you have if they are all gone.
  8. I think some of the guys were worried about the whole ammo box being missing not individual bags of bbs. As far as the 7 mag thing goes. That's really not a big deal and won't be a problem for most people. Except now it makes reloading our mags a major pain due to other limitations. Personally I'd rather see one or the other, not both. I also think ssw should have two box mags of 3000 each like before( but I only feel this way because I have two lol)
  9. What sucks about the mag limit is someone's using a gbb would have around 280 bullets over 7 mags. While someone with an aeg is going to have 980 over the same amount.
  10. Ssw 3000 limit. Does that mean just one box mag in your gun? If so kinda blows I bought an extra box mag for this event lol. Also the ammo rule is terrible. I hope the community convinces you to drop it for the old one. You are going to have more people walking back to camp more often now. I'm still pumped about the event though Woot.
  11. Under Uniforms H. In the event of inclement weather uniformity regulations are relaxed but all worn items must still be faction specific in regards to color. Technically this doesn't refer to hot weather. But I'd say its close enough. I doubt anyone is going to expect the whole team to strip down because you do. And no one wants to see someone have a heat stroke. So I think you'll be okay as long as you stick to the correct colors. If I were you I would just get a combat top instead of a t-shirt.
  12. Everyone wants to wear multicam, that's why.
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