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  1. It’s a new year and it’s going to a really new year also for airsoft players in California as yesterday marked a new phase in their airsoft history. The dreaded SB 199, which regulates the look of airsoft guns and other imitation firearms in the state took effect yesterday, the 1st of January 2016. If you have been following SB199 and reading our coverage of it, you may remember on how we think airsoft guns would look like in California when SB 199 takes effect. It was a rough interpretation but proved to be accurate as the provisions in SB 199 were clear cut: 4) A BB device that is an airsoft gun that expels a projectile, such as a BB or pellet, that is 6mm or 8mm caliber which meets the following: (A) If the airsoft gun is configured as a handgun, in addition to the blaze orange ring on the barrel required by federal law, the airsoft gun has a trigger guard that has fluorescent coloration over the entire guard, and there is a two centimeter wide adhesive band around the circumference of the protruding pistol grip that has fluorescent coloration. ( If the airsoft gun is configured as a rifle or long gun, in addition to the blaze orange ring on the barrel required by federal law, the airsoft gun has a trigger guard that has fluorescent coloration over the entire guard, and there is a two centimeter wide adhesive band with fluorescent coloring around the circumference of any two of the following: (i) The protruding pistol grip. (ii) The buttstock. (iii) A protruding ammunition magazine or clip. Now, here’s a more official looking explanation of SB 199 pertaining to airsoft guns: Do you think it looks bad? Maggiore Soap does not find it such a big deal and it’s easy to comply for airsoft players in California still stuck with airsoft guns that only have the orange muzzle tip: While airsoft players outside of the state do not need to worry about this, they will have to keep in mind that they should comply with the color requirements when attending airsoft events in California. http://www.popularairsoft.com/california-sb-199-took-effect-yesterday-airsoft-guns-will-look-these
  2. I recently bought a whole new load out. Thought about it long and hard, Banshee plate carrier, with a LBX Mini map pouch with a 2 Litre Hydration Engine - G2 070 OZ. The setup weight's nothing on my back and it is flat and low profile, the best investment I have made. I am happy with my pack, easy to weave onto the back of my vest. Not to big or to small, it's perfect. Thanks Bo and LBX
  3. I just got my radio today, damn it's small as my old clam-shell cell phone. Hope I don't lose it or break it haha. Any I need help how to do install the software from the disk wish they mad a easy auto-boot menu. I'll bring this out to edge when I come out still waiting on gear and a battery to be stocked. what is the radio set-up out at edge, if is the same has AMS then I need a copy of the Freg's they use. I use to have it but then lost it thanks. I got it charged up thats about all I can do, it's like u need a damn phd to use this. but I will learn it I also have the chirp daily build software
  4. I am building a new vest setup and I k ow some wear training plates or fake plates (foam or plastic). I always thought about them for years. I heard of warrior trail but I am confused on there sight. I am looking at there Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (ESAPI) Training Plate Medium 5.50 lb and 10 x 12 Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) Training Plate 6.5 Lbs I am racking my brain of what the different is between these two besides price and weight
  5. Yogi


    Haha I wanted go with something for our feild up here, thanks for the input. I may go with Multi-cam or A-tacs we have more brown and green where we play. Sexy-cam Muhahahaha
  6. Yogi


    I am in need for a new uniform I was use wanted to know if any of you have kryptek uniforms where go to buy them. What are the best sites and what sites to stay clear of. Yogi
  7. I am not sure this is the place but I want to suggest a place a for a game, I haven't been there but been looking around online. What about Crisis City, ks http://www.kansastag.gov/kdem.asp?PageID=370 I think this would be a cool place?
  8. Thank you guy's and happy new year to all.
  9. Not only hi ear but Jp could of broken his neck like that. I am really glad your ok John, it could have been worse, just try not to take anymore risk's ok. Play safe bro, I love yeah man!! Ok need to go before I tear up writing this. Ouch But Jp good news you made it to Worst Injury in airsoft EVER!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDRkHxCr4wA
  10. Yogi

    Death in the Family

    thanks guy's See yeah tomorrow Ron
  11. I know this is a week late but I needed time before I tell you. On September 27 around 12:20 Am my dad as most of you know has passed away, we think heart attack. I am not fully sure what's gonna come for my future in Airsoft, but I did have a wonderful time of playing with him and road trips. For all you kid's out there I say this enjoy your day's with your dad and talk thing through if you guy's fight. Be there for one anther like me and my dad, trust me when I say you wish greatly miss him when he is gone. :( Yogi To the MSE staff now AMS thanks for all the wonderful days and memories. It seems like yesterday I meet you all at Ball drop at Pipeline Ridge. :)
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