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  1. Haha go Omaha beach ranger? Could make that work lol
  2. Sweet I have plenty of multicam. I have some marpat, and that project honor stuff that were both given to me as well. Should I go with an aeg, or gas? Does it matter?
  3. Also, I know there is more than likely a thread on this already, but what camp are ufs guys running? Also what's a good starter AEG?
  4. I guess I should have worded what I meant differently. In no way am I going to violate opsec. We still have boys in the fight and to do so could endanger lives. What I was talking about is basic infantry stuff you can pick up in any book on amazon. I (like all prior service) just have many hours in training on it, and can give pointers. "operational SOP may have been too much for what I had in mind :-P. Also I mean things like setting up one's kit to be more functional (ie eliminate waste movement etc). I am glad to see that there are guys looking for opsec stuff for the boys in the fight. Good looking out.
  5. Why is that? Is the talent better in the USF team?
  6. Also, I know that i am eventually going to have to pick a side. Which way should I go? USF or CoST?
  7. My pleasure bro. Hopefully my skill set and tactical expertise will be a benefit to whatever side i end up on lol. Hopefully ill be able to give pointers as well. Hopefully Ill be able to give advice the the operational SOP's that the SOF community has adopted. Also hope to be able to teach Ranger style battle drills to everyone. Especially battle drill 6. Speed, surprise, violence of action, roger? lol
  8. Thanks brother. Serving was my pleasure!
  9. Lol the old Ranger burger. They are actually at a restaurant in Cusseta call Four Winds. They were there went i went through school in '07.
  10. Thanks boys. Yeah we will see how it goes. I still work on my skill set a lot, and would love o be able to get some practice in versus live targets lol. I have done a lot of training with simunitions, I assume it'll be somewhat similar.
  11. Whats up everyone? My name is Deathwish (callsign i got overseas) or DW11. I am a former member of 1st Bn 75th Ranger Regiment, I have multiple deployments to Iraq, and Afghanistan. I have been on joint ops with 1st SFOD-D, Seals (teams 3, and 1), SF-CIF, AFSOC, NSW-SWWC, 160th SOAR, OGA, SAS, and the U.K.'s 1st Bn Parachute Regiment. Since I am married now, and out of the fight, i thought this could be the next best thing to shooting bad guys in the face. Like i said i am new to airsoft, i have to get geared up. I spend a lot of my time shooting real steel and reloading. I have all my kit, just no weapon as of yet. I live in MD and dont really know what is around, but I stumbled on to this site. Looks like fun. Anyway, Hopefully I'll get going when this semester is over lol. DW11 Fmr. C co 1/75 RGR Regt.
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